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Starlight Aurate

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  • 'Too easy' boring or 'I want to do something else' boring? ...that's better, actually. I will try my best!

    It doesn't have me, I'm just going into cute overload. :c
    Oho~ (and yes, that will work). RPGGG shooter. No, I've forgotten it. I shall eventually, yes.

    Well, you should distract yourself by something stupider. It also shoots gangsters, but that's another story. We'll see. Yeah, but he doesn't know that.

    Interesting. Is it a tourist trap, or are there relatively few people there?
    ...what would that even do, anyways? Besides make a mess. Yes, but this shoots Role-playing games AND grenades! You're welcome. No, he's the hero. I'm still trying to figure out how to tell him that I'm his pop. He seems pretty intent on killing me...

    I read that as "Lake Blake". And sure.
    Many Youtube comments are made about everything. Most of them are stupid. A gun that launches RPGs and grenades. Well, uh, here you go. *hands band-aid* Yanakey, it's the evolution of Pansage, that new grass monkey.

    Duly noted. I'll just shoot it with guns. And if that doesn't work, I'll use more guns. Or you should go to a hospital. Yes, I did it on the fly.

    Well, using a tampon is by no means sex. So you would stay a virgin. Just the chain of events leading to the discovery, honestly.
    Can I have a katana too? They're just better, after all. Well, uh, we should probably close up that wound. I AM ZEKROM! THE THUNDEROUS YANG GOD, THE ETERNAL DRAGON, THE DUDE WHO IS STOPPING KYOGRES LEFT AND RIGHT. I. AM. ZEKROM!!!! /scenery chewing

    I...what? That's kind of a silly question. Also, brb loling.
    Overrated, and deadly. Well, you did it immediately after I said it. Indeed I would.

    ...yeah, they do. AND NOW THIS IS AWKWARD.
    Watch out for monsters! I KNOW, I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON. Your blood will work fine, it's just that you didn't have to do that. I do have some blood in the back. Or a Pikachu.

    No, I don't have a mindcondom. NOT THAT I WOULD.

    Thanks for your help.
    Yeah, those. I'm not kicking the puppies, I'm grinding them into paste so I can eat them! D: (Wait, that's worse...) And I had some virgin blood in the back. WE MUST HAVE A BLOOD TRANSFUSION STAT. Shouting really loudly should work.

    That's what it wants you to think.

    *notes these down*
    Excellent, now we just need some orphans in there... Maybe a few puppies and some virgin blood. And then we shall have it hit by LIGHTNING.

    Or the ladder. Or the step-ladder.

    Jupiter is (y) indeed. I should probably check out the others at some point.
    Barbecue pork.

    It's the later, definitely the later.

    I couldn't really get into that track, but I tried the Jupiter one in the related videos section and I'm liking it so far.

    It's an average, every day goblet.

    I am a fan of strings. Anything with saxes, trumpets, horns, etc.?

    And then the meerkat could teach them of the wonders of teamwork and never doubting someone's abilities based on their appearance.
    No, because we will be eating the oatmeal.

    That force would have to be massive.

    No, but I really should get some.

    ...zombie polo? Another random fact, there is no rule stating that a meerkat can't play rugby.
    ...then we'll use cold syrup! GENIUS!

    That's not the worst of it. One of the bosses, right before you fight him, will throw a goblet of wine at you. This can kill you.


    It just needs some sharks, imo. It's kind of long, but it's incredibly awesome.
    Wouldn't hot syrup do that, but better?

    And there's an entire wall of them at one point.

    Among other Rocks and a few Metals, yes.

    You sparked my curiosity, so I did just now. It was funny at parts, but meh at others. On a related note, the TVTropes page for Real Life.
    Member from a loooong time ago, even before I joined. He committed suicide because of personal issues. Let's leave it at that.
    You could try that, yes. But I don't think it'll be as effective...

    There are spikes that shoot cherries. You heard me.

    Dream Theater, Nightwish, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mastodon, Seether, 311, Incubus, Disturbed, Alestorm, The Beatles, Breaking Benjamin, and quite a few one-off artists.
    ...It's still not dead, pour a little more hot pitch on it.

    After the credits, if you don't move out of the way of a falling cherry, it will kill you.


    I've attempted to listen to Oomph!, but I never really could get into them. :c
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