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Starlight Aurate

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  • Yes, that's absolutely true. I've felt that on a few occasions.

    An infamously hard video game. I do not recommend you play it. Ever.


    Yeah, they are so annoying. CHINCHILLAS.
    Tis alright. Okay, mind-blowingly annoying, but whatever.

    I Wanna Be the Guy taking up that spot.


    So how about those abortions? It may indeed. Think...think...think...
    "May make your ears bleed" is more likely. It will definitely be annoying, however.

    Nope, no time for those either.

    Well, the Pizzicato can be played on any instrument with strings. It's a playing technique after all. So you could probably just get some cheap banjo or something and learn it off that.

    I don't want this convo to end, but I don't have a new topic to bring up at the moment.
    I've heard them out of soundfonts, but not from actual instruments.

    Nope, I don't have time for that sort of stuff.

    Like a Giant Space Flea From Nowhere?

    I never learned how to swim.

    Ah, I see. I haven't seen the film, or read the book. In fact, this is my first time hearing about it.

    Flute seems interesting. And if I may make a suggestion, try the pizzicato. /random
    ...you have a strange definition of detective work.

    Ah well, everybody has different body frames. Almost everybody, anyways. Just basic running around the track in gym class.

    If they did know English, then shame on them. Indeed he was.

    Oh? Do you play any instruments, by chance?

    It didn't really, so uh, yeah. And a little bit of sticking out isn't really that bad. Oh, yeah, that's actually incredibly normal. I do that from time to time too.

    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. Although shame on his parents for naming him that. :/

    Well, you're not really a math person because you don't like it. You're a PE person because you like it, regardless of if you suck or not. Or something.
    Oh, dammit.

    Aw, I kind of wanted to investigate. :c BUT ALAS, IT IS NOT TO BE.

    Why is healthy crossed out? 19 is damn near perfect health. Actually, now I'm kinda confused as to why you're losing weight. Well, being slightly out of breath while running is completely normal.

    To continue on that train of thought, his name is Assef (as we've pointed out a few times), and the first part of that, is well, ass. The second part is a one-letter euphemism of a certain word that's a synonym for sex.

    And I'm not really much of a physical activity person, so I don't like P.E. that much. Well, I said that she wasn't "OH MY GOD GIANT THUNDER MONSTER" type of crazy, if that helps you see the pun.
    Well, now it is dead. Mission accomplished, I guess.

    So do we investigate, or just leave it?

    Ah, I see. And I can't really continue this conversation without asking for your weight (and I'm not stupid enough to ask a woman her weight), so I'll just drop it here. And marathons are really stressful on your heart, since it has to pump a lot more blood to a lot more places a lot faster.

    Indeed. If by noticeably younger, you mean that Hassan was 14ish while Assef was like 30, then sure.

    Out of curiosity, what year are you? I'm guessing either Freshman or Sophomore. Maybe a Junior. Yeah, physics is more math than science, honestly. And an Ohm is a measurement of electrical resistance.
    Oh, I thought you just switched it to patterns in general.

    I...wait, what?

    Ah, are those the areas you need to work on? Well, I've managed to lose a bit of weight with just walking around on campus (which is huge and I have to cross it about four times in one day) and portion control. Yay me. Not to mention the constant threat of heart attacks@Marathons.

    Why wouldn't I want an 8ft long millipede (they are more closely related to millipedes than centipedes, belonging in the same sub-phylum as the former)?

    Uh, I didn't see anything like that on there. Think this or this.

    I don't really have to take notes for any of my classes. Lucky guess. o: Well, my Physics teacher is a legit mad scientist (from the awesome end of the scale, not the OHMYGODITSAGIANTTHUNDERMONSTER end of the scale) so the class is fun. Plus I'm a total science/math geek so that helps a bit.

    That's why you just do what I do and ask for gift cards or money. B) Also, breaking this into two sections with a return.

    I thought flutter kicks were infinitely awesome. Then I looked them up, and was like "Boring, but Practical". Although, honestly, the best way to lose weight is to watch your portions and steady exercise. None of that "specialized diet" bullshit. Also, never run a marathon ever. Marathons are incredibly bad for your body. I recommend training for one but never doing it.

    I'm completely serious. I wouldn't be able to make up mind on a pet (that isn't extinct, anyways) anyways, so it may be for the best.

    Who from what now?

    Human Geography sounds interesting. I've got English II, Web Design I, Drawing I -> Drawing II (we switch on the 17th), Geometry, Paint I -> Computer Graphics (again, on the 17th), Introduction to Film, and Physics.

    Oh yes, the second part is definitely true, but still some kids do tell them and the (grand)parents hear them wrong and get something completely different.
    You lost me at the asterisk.

    Everybody wants a chinchilla. Except people who have chinchillas. They want more chinchillas. And I've never had a pet ever, so I know where you're coming from.

    A romantic relationship that is not yet at engagement or marriage. Dating is a form of courtship, if that helps.

    I meant academics.
    But he is.

    Or their just doing it for the money and don't care. I mean, their entire industry made millions because grannies keep buying it for their kids.

    *squees as well*


    /can't be bothered with this line anymore

    ALSO, random question. But what classes are you talking in school at the moment?

    *listens* Hahaha, the instrumental tracks sync up almost perfectly.
    Playing devil's advocate, but it is kind of fattening.

    WHO DOESN'T!? 8D

    They were naked most of the time. And they courted little boys on multiple occasions...

    Yeah, that guy. Plays a mean hand of poker.

    Can't use speakers right now, but I'll check it out when I can.
    In popcorn? 8D

    Every picture of him I've seen is safe for work. And most are filled with chinchillas.

    Well, Spartans were pretty jerkass...

    ffffff, I just don't want to get the "rate an x" thing to be huge, the Rate a Song, Post a Song thing is okay, but it will get annoying if there is a billion of them.

    ilu2 C:
    You know, that one guy with the mustache...

    A bit too true...
    You're quite welcome. Whatever helps the onslaught of lazy!

    Oh, you'd be surprised how heavily you can come onto someone with the Internet. But he never goes beyond harmless flirting or sex jokes.

    ...but ninjas are better.

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