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Starlight Aurate

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  • You're welcome. And no, not him. The other guy.

    Well, true.
    Well, according to Wikipedia, the Germanic spelling of it is Glühwein. Although in actuality it's called mulled wine.

    Oh, if that's because you're worried that he'll come onto you, don't worry, he won't. He does have a girlfriend, after all.

    Hooray for pirates!

    See, usually comedians sign off with the line "and try the veal" or something to that effect. I made it into a pun about bananas. There's nobody you would know. Except that one guy.

    But that's not to say that their old stuff was good, either.
    OH. Gluvine, then.

    Mean =/= perverted. He is a nice guy, but the amount of innuendos and sex jokes he makes is kind of high. Plus he's from New Zealand, and you know how they are with their sheep...

    My eyes are already horrible, and they can always grow back if they shrivel.

    Here, have a banana, and I recommend you try the peal. A few people.

    Well, they look like gorillas, but their backs are nickle, and they make horrible music.
    Glue wine.

    Most of the time, innuendos are accidental anyways. Even Dion (otaku-dono on here), one of the perviest people in all of existence, sometimes misses them.

    Or...we can combine the two and make pouty faces at a person on a screen! Genius! I bet you would look adorable in it~

    Oh no, it's totally real. We have a meeting every Punday, we have a secret lair in the Arctic Pundra, we caused the punami that hit India a few years back, and we won control over the world in a Risk(y) game. But we let other folks have the power because we were to busy pundering our navels. And pundering some villages. We're a worldwide punomenon!

    You're welcome, and maybe you should try finding a nicklebacked gorilla?

    Hooray for oblivious innocence!

    I know, but I still wish I could do something besides make pouty faces at my laptop screen. You're welcome, and is the rest of the uniform that awesome? o:

    ...I...I, okay, wow. That pun was so ridiculously awful that you have earned my respect and a membership into the Pungeon Master Society. Or PMS for short. Hilariously, most of our members are women.

    I think I'll be fine until you fix up that nickel arm there, and besides, I don't want to make you go through the trouble of cleaning your flute.
    Yeah. You like my snuggles, though, right? :3

    No, not really.

    You poor thing. I wish I could help you out with that, but alas, I am incapable as of now. That's an awesome hat. *nods*

    Maybe not, but it's close enough, right? Right?

    Well Intentioned Extremist with a thing for Xanatos Gambits turned power hungry is the best description of him. Honestly.

    ...aren't you going to be putting that flute to your mouth later? :c
    They don't like my snuggles. ;_;

    Oh, ironic giggles. That doesn't really fall into the category of evil, except in certain circumstances.

    Well, you've always got us on the Internet to hang out with. Just, you know, not in person. Yet. Is it a top hat? :3

    I'd even say it's High Octane Narmare fuel.

    ...That was a horrendous pun, wasn't it?
    Or a certain other Light.

    *picks it up*
    You, of course. What else would I be snuggling with?

    ...what kind of giggle? An evil giggle?

    Those life things are so overrated. All you really need is some good friends (which you've got), and maybe a nice hat (which I need but all the hats here are so goddamn expensive or small that they don't work for me ;_;).

    The best part is that it wasn't really supposed to be funny.
    Sorry this took so long to reply to, I kept meaning to reply then forgetting. :V

    Tutoring is a bit weird. I like it, though. Never got along with most people in school and hated the social scene. Lets me work at my own pace and with a teacher who isn't preoccupied with 20 other spoiled little cunts people, you know?

    Belated merry christmas to you too. A super fancy flash light for when it gets too dark to see when I go for my walks, headphones, enough chocolate to last a zombie apocalypse, and a camera. I feel a bit spoiled, but the one thing I asked for (external hard drive for my computer) I didn't get. Wasn't expecting it anyway though. You?
    They shalt follow the light of intelligence into a brighter future! Or something.

    Whatever works for you, sweetheart.
    *snuggles, purrs*

    You giggled? o.o

    *grabs tea and some crumpets* Beautiful day, isn't it?

    Well, it has a lot of narm charm.
    Yeah, I actually got involved already in an online commerce business. They teach you about it as you go along, but since I'm already in school, whatever I learn about may as well be catered towards it since it is of interest to me, I think.

    Interesting; I never heard anything about that law, and it sounds quite odd. Then again, I didn't go to high school in FL, but I sure know plenty of people who did. I hope that doesn't screw you over too badly. Well... let me know if you wind up coming to Florida Southern, haha!
    Well, I'd rather something be difficult than overwhelmingly easy. No, I was joking about the sex change ^_^;

    Yeah, I'm a bit to rash for such rational thoughts =P Oh, so it's like playing secret santa with your family? That actually sounds pretty fun. Yeah, I thought it looked like a thumbs down too at first.
    :p Yeah I heard they tried to make the new SMB more difficult, but I haven't played it yet. I'll probably get it now that you said that ^_^ Those socks sound awesome. If only I was a female or gay and could pull off flamboyant socks. Actually, being able to wear flamboyant socks is on my list of pros for a sex change.

    Well, The Mewtwo Master had been annoying me all day, sending me pictures of naruto girls in skimpy outfits and whatnot. He posted a "Merry ****ing Christmas," his words not mine, thread and I said he was a horrible user and I hoped he got some social skills for Christmas :3 Oh, I getcha. That's too bad. You'd think all your other relatives would do the same, though. (y) is the symbol for thumbs up, btw (y)
    Fair point, fair point. But if they're just being drunk and stupid, horrible disfigurement is the much better punishment.

    That would be nice, yes. Then we can have a proper hug. 8D
    You're quite welcome, sweetheart.

    Under Video Games, of course. Should be about the twelfth dark bullet down.

    Nah, me relaxing doesn't have an effect on it, they come on their own time.

    And Knowing. In fact, here's his TVTropes page.
    School's going alright. I've developed an interest in independent business ownership, so I'm going to look into that kind of thing.

    And didn't you say you were about a year or two away from going to college? How is that working out for you?
    You will be the fanciest flute player in all the land~ Wii's are fun. Get any games for it? I got a laptop, a better router, socks (number 1 present btw), and an assortment of candies, for starters. The rest was just miscellaneous junk people probably bought at the 99 cent store minutes before they came over.

    It's all good ^_^ It let me actually stay away from this place and spend time with my family. Wait, you have a large family and don't get 10 presents? I'm sorry :( You'd think the bigger the family, the more presents. The laptop's working fine so far, not particularly sleek but it gets the job done (y)
    Well, deserving to die is a bit extreme. Horribly disfigured is a much more suitable punishment. That way they learn their lesson.

    *pats head* The hug was enough.

    I know. And it even has an entry on Crapsaccharine World page! D:

    Nah, that won't work. Just sit in this comfy chair, have some tea, and relax.

    Uh, the guy from National Treasure.
    Or they're just really drunk. Or being a jackass and trying to impress someone they like. Or both.

    Eh, it's alright. I could see how you made that mistake.
    Aw, poor thing. >: Do you need another hug?

    Because rigorous analysis of Pokemon always ends in disaster and horrible nightmares.

    Pile seven. The sharks started "going after me" too...

    It has Nicholas Cage, every movie with him is so bad it's good.
    That's good ^_^ Did you receive any life changing gifts?

    Yeah, I was banned for three days. Spamming + flaming and whatnot. Definitely in my Top 10 Christmas presents this year. Right after the new laptop~
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