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Starlight Aurate

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  • I hope it is, death via contact-implementing accident is such an ass pull kind of death.

    ...fair enough.
    Hugging works. The world needs more hugging. *nods*
    We were talking of both of us.
    ...as in a "I love kitties" kind of love, or a "I love eating mints" kind of love? Or both?

    Or rigorous analysis of Pokemon.

    Tried that during the fifth pile. Didn't work.

    Yes, yes it is.
    It's like sword-swallowing, only you are less likely to get killed.

    I figured that, but don't you think you went a little overboard?
    *somersaults* YES. *thumbs up*
    I don't know, I was asking you.
    To be shared after she sells seashells by the seashore.

    Neither is Watership Down.

    Well, turn straight men into bisexual men. Or "If it's you, it's okay" is in effect. And I tried that with the first pile, it went something like this:
    Me: "Okay guys, anybody who leaves me alone gets a festive bracelet!"
    Person in the crowd: (beat) "OR we could just marry you and get the bracelet and you."
    Crowd: "Yeah!"
    Me: :/

    I hear it just takes some getting used to.

    *whistles* No kill like overkill.
    ...except YA MOVES! *shot*
    Or is it?
    Shark's a surprising supper snack!

    Oh, they go further than that. Way further. *motions to pile of engagement rings in the corner* Some of those are from men. Straight men.

    ...so that's a no, then?
    I could never wear contacts, I'm rather uncomfortable with jamming things in my eyes. ._.

    Okay, fine. *gives*
    Wasn't planning on asking you to show me anything.
    Damn, that would've made a good twist.
    *gets pulled out right before being devoured by sarcasm snarks sharks* Thank goodness for lifelines!

    Everybody loves me for that. Some love me a little TOO much for that, though. It makes things awkward.

    ...you saved me a slice, right? >:
    That sounds awesome 8) I've heard of Vivalidi Violin Concerto! Is it good?

    Mine has been pretty awesome, my parents got tickets for Billy Elliot! I'm going tomorrow~
    It's a bit of a surprise. (Note: I actually do wear glasses in real life)

    Well, uh, good. *hides pistol*
    "She's a he?!"
    ...it's not me, is it? D:
    *drowns in sarcasm*

    I'm strange. c:

    I'd help, but I know absolutely nothing about baking.
    I...I lost my glasses at the time.

    ...can you hover over the ones in "Well," and answer them? >:

    Absolutely nothing at all. I just shouted it out one day after stubbing my toe. I've decided to name one of my children that.

    Don't having anything to say to the first two parts of this :V

    Actually, I'm being tutored for this year, so I don't have an actual break, I just only have "school" three (sometimes four) days a week. But we would be on break.

    I don't know. It's part of his name. I always thought it was keyboard mashing. Ask him yo. :V
    I manage. Mainly by being a total madman. For instance, this is me baking a cake.

    Well, I've never had a biological sister, and I used to have a biological brother. I have a half-brother (mother's side) and a half-sister (father's side), although the half-brother is three and the half-sister lives in a different time zone, so yeah. And five?

    My Internet is unavailable at those times. I'm not explaining why. And while investigating that, I noticed you mentioning that you had a facebook. Link please. /stalker
    Yeah, sorry about that. Life caught up to me, kicked me in the nuts, peed on my shoe, mugged me, and then slept with my biological sister. Amusingly, I don't have a biological sister. I do have a half-sister, but I didn't mention "half" anywhere there, as you may have noticed.

    Well, you could always just try watching the first two or three episodes. :3

    Phew, for a second there I thought we were in danger or something.

    That would be counterproductive.

    ...in the middle of it?
    "Znprd Ninjabait
    If you folks were wondering why I haven't been on in a while, we had to move (still in Florida, though) and I had to switch back to public school (long story). Nothing big, but I've been absolutely swamped. But it's break now so I have time to goof off.

    Also, I won't be online on Saturdays for a while. Or after 17:00 EST. Again, long story."

    there's what he said :V
    In fact, he just left a message on facebook. Which still surprised me tbh.

    I don't mind looking like an idiot, I just always land on my face or get snow in clothes or something.
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