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Starlight Aurate

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  • He's logged onto smogon and last.fm since he left, so he's alive. iirc something like this happened before. He'll be back.

    I don't mind doing it. I need the exercise anyway, lol. Except when you slip. Ow. ) :

    Nah. I'd rather keep it to myself. I don't mind sharing if you're curious though.
    Yeah, I only really post on one forum, some metal music forum, then just lurk this and keep in contact with internet people on MSN for the most part. You're probably like, the only person I talk to via sppf vms now, lol.

    Yeah, snow's cool. Ice ****ing sucks though. Especially when you're shoveling the stone walkway. :V

    Makes sense enough. What I went through didn't really result in anything good and I'm still not completely out of it. Mostly though. It was more of an... "emotional experience" than anything.
    I actually have a Facebook too, but I don't have any irl people added on it because I'd like to keep my internet and irl friends away from each other. :V Not that I'm ashamed of either or anything.

    Hot and sweaty? There's a ****ing foot of snow outside where I am, how could you be getting hot and sweaty. ): Yeah I never liked the people in my section either, especially awkward since I was like one of two dudes and the other one was ****ing annoying, lol.

    Final verdict on that being good or bad then? :V

    I mostly did it since I have too much ****ing free time. Even with schoolwork and ****.
    Sorry if I don't get back to you right away when we talk now, I spend most of the internet time on MSN or a different forum because music has kind of taken over my life and the main person I talk to I usually talk to on MSN. :V

    I'm assuming you're marching because of band? I sorta dropped out of band because I ****ed up with marching, lol. Still play my bass in my spare time, though.

    I'm pretty good. Went through some ****ing weird **** a month ago for awhile, but I'm mostly out of it, thankfully.

    Yeah, I had like 50ish, but most of them were people I never talk to anymore, had left sppf, or I knew from like 07. Looks neater like it is. :V
    You should see some of the fan-art involving Tsutaja. Especially ones with top-hats. xD

    Yes, but apparently people can grind levels against the Isshu version of Chansey now, but it only gives HP EVs irrc.

    You waiting for the English release too?
    Yuck,I just had a Bio. experiment today, we had to dissect a pig eye.

    Not much, I'm in Play and Show Choir right now, so that's pretty fun, and my grades are good, plus I have a new girlfriend, who is the definition of awesome. Things are going great right now ^^
    Hey, I'm not sure if I ever let you know or not, but I really don't mind if you post in the GPX+ Club. I think I actually prefer if you do every once in a while ^^ It's only if anyone else has a problem, though I'm pretty sure no one does. :)
    Yes, lots of drama there. :D He's over at Bulba now.

    Both are great. :)

    I'm gonna use Absol when I get B/W next year. Pokeshift it over then breed it. But they left out the VS Seeker. :(
    Only one character gets resurrected. As I said earlier, it's a long story.

    Ah, that's better.

    It was it.

    How about I add that amount of time to the end of your life? That should give you the time you spent back.
    I think there's one that doesn't die throughout the series. Everybody's alive at the end, though. Long story.

    Wait a second, these aren't Hello Kitties...THEY'RE HELLO CTHULHUS! OH GOD WE'RE ALL DOOMED.

    It isn't well.

    *gives you money equal to the plane ticket's worth, plus tip* Does that make up for it? >:
    Uh, if it helps any, it has a happy ending. But the series is incredibly gruesome.

    Eh, this killing shtick is getting boring. *mind wipes this part of the convo, and dumps it in the middle of New York*


    A lot of Hello Kitties.

    It isn't well.

    True, but I can't be bothered with a plane ride. *invents a teleporter and teleports there*
    Does that song messes with your thinking process?

    So what do we do now?

    Only pitted remained.

    Thanks. *applies band-aid to wound*


    Well, there's some ice in the freezer...
    Shion and the fingernail punishment.
    Was the first one I mentioned.

    More generally, people on this show have an unnerving tendency to die by clawing their own throats out with their fingernails. * shudder*
    Was the second. The first one is worse, much, much worse.

    *sword fighting* Hi-yah! Hi...yah! Hi-yah! Hi...yah! Hiiiii...*drops sword on the foot, which gets chopped off* Well, bugger. I've dropped my sword. We're going to have to do this scene again.

    Yay, and it only took me three guesses. 8D

    *looks down at severed foot*

    No, I don't suppose it is well.


    I should probably put that in some ice or something.
    You mean the ones where somebody claws their throat out?

    THEN...you shall die.


    All is well, indeed.


    OR IS IT?
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