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Starlight Aurate

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  • I'm not sure. Something on the clam is being filled with terror.

    Well, the body will heal off the wounds eventually, but the mind might not ever heal.
    Indeed. Unless you're a clam, then your eyes fill with terror at the sign of a two headed otter.

    I'd say mental. Your body can heal it off rather easily, but your mind is going to take a while to recover. Or you're going to have to do something on the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann level of awesomeness to get over the mental torture.

    I see x2.
    Fun fact: Otters hold hands to stay afloat in the water. They mainly do this when they are sleeping.

    Both Lain and Higurashi have High Octane Nightmare Fuel pages. Although Lain's is more psychological and paranoia based, while Higurashi's is more torture based.

    "The show"?

    Also, tell me what your MSN account is called so I can bring you in to the next mass-convo. :F
    You will become addicted to it eventually.

    It's like Serial Experiments Lain, except forty times as bloody (there's like...five scenes total with blood in them in Lain).

    For the most part, it seems to be fictional.
    Well, you're addicted now. Also, my brain won't shut up about it, so I'm going to tell you that you used one too many actually's.

    I see.
    Yeah, that's what made me afraid of hippos. But it's funny to see how most of my friends read Cracked, through sheer virtue of coincidence.

    I was half-expecting another grin in the final picture.
    Why do all the cute/playful animals have to be giant dicks? D:

    No no, I haven't seen Soul Eater yet. And Higurashi no Naku Koro ni is a separate anime entirely, made by a different company and all that jazz.
    It's not anything like that, but it is eerily similar at the same. I'm going to go ahead and say we kill it, for our own safety.

    Rule 34 is the second most horrifying thing in existence. The first is the fingernail scene from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. *shudder*
    My trip from Florida to New York took about 20 hours, with 2 of those hours being used for gas stops, so I managed to get it done in one day. I didn't even really want to stop, I just wanted to keep going, but the car needed gas, so I stopped every 5 hours or so as necessary. Probably I won't be doing that drive again any time soon, if ever again. I like the road trip, but it is a bit much and I'd prefer to stay around Florida. Luckily I'm getting along well with my newly found family in Virginia, so I may just come up here more often and meet my parents here. And I actually prefer the Florida summer weather to that of the north- as soon as I got to New York at about 6 in the morning, it was freezing already! Warm nights are non-existent up there, lol.
    You never know unless you try, why not have fun with it ^_^

    8D Haha. CT?........ OH Ct.... haha xD; Almost forgot that person.

    That;s fine ^_^, I don't want to rush you into anything ^^
    Awwww, but you could put something fluffy on the tip =D

    Yeah it was actually XD;;;

    Ok that sounds good =3, just take your time ^_^
    The betting circle is rarely wrong, however. Mainly because they bet on both sides (like in this case), but yeah.

    It would definitely be worth it, methinks (although I don't see what you would be infracted for). And you're welcome.
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