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Starlight Aurate

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  • Haha thank you! As of now I'm posting in Misc, Clubs, Fan Fiction, Fan Sprites, Entertainment, Animé Spoilers, 5th Gen, and somewhat Debate and Shipping :p

    Wow. I hardly have that. In fact... I have none of that. I have only 130 hours, a video of my battle with Noland (which I lost) and a Deoxys I got from Action Reply D: Though I really hope you get it all back, or if you don't I hope you have no trouble getting through it and getting lots of amazing stuff :)
    Haha yeah, all the sections from the fourth generation games up until the Fan Works and Interactive have always been ignored by me, and since I was into Sapphire for a good while I figured I would post and get a little nostalgia from the section ^^

    Yeah, I saw one of your posts said that :/ I've never had that happen to me (unless the dumb internal battery dying counts >.>), so I dunno what to do. I have like, nothing good anymore on my Emerald since I migrated it all, though I hope you can get yours back since you obviously had some stuff you wanted to keep :/
    Well I've been trying to get active on the forum. Normally I stayed in the Fan Fics and Clubs with an occasional visit to Entertainment, but now I'm posting a lots of forums :)

    But what do you need data recovering of?
    Of course! :p I was actually getting a little bored right now looking for something to do :3
    Tbh most generation's pokemon "don't look like pokemon" for awhile. Then you get used to them and it they do. But the one encased in jell-o is my favorite of the new ones so far, lol. The little v-shaped head one is alright too.

    That and not many games really had that much of a multiplayer interaction compared to pokemon, or came in two seperate versions iirc.
    Heh. Fair enough, really.
    Who is they, out of curiosity? The fourth just felt bland, nothing really made it stand out to me. I don't really like most of the pokemon either tbh. The originals get extra cool points for being more innovative, obviously.
    I don't see how it matters. Just because you could have had something much worse happen to you doesn't matter it makes losing something slightly insignificant in comparison any less important if you like it.
    I actually love the surfing, it's a little tedious, but it added a nice little exploration touch, and I never seem to get lost. The third and second are about tied, but the fourth just seemed bland to me. First just gets cool points for being first, obviously.
    Don't see how it's being selfish, but. I get that too tbh. The part about being really attached to something, I mean.
    As controversial among the fans as it is, I really ****ing like the third gen games. First > Third > Second > Fourth tbh (not counting SS/HG since I haven't played them).

    Yeah, I can understand being annoyed about that. I don't see why you're scared if it happens again. At least you got some more play out of it, and just deal with problems if they come. Maybe that's just me though.
    Now I kind of want to go play my Sapphire again, though.
    Tempus Fugit. Been here since '06 on that account, iirc.

    Well that sucks. Similar thing happened to my Silver, though I didn't have as much gametime or anything on it.
    Still pissed the living **** out of me.
    I asked the member Mariya Shidou who did the same thing who he asked. Haven't gotten an answer yet though.


    Don't really have much to say here tbh.

    Mind elaborating?
    Oh don't get started on that, that's why I'm getting the new account. >_<

    Well that's realistic, but that's not what I want to do. I'd do it without complaints but it's still not what I want to do, you know?

    It's okay, I understand perfectly.

    Am I supposed to understand that?
    Because anything is better than the one I have now.

    Yeah, pretty much. I wish I could be a disc jockey for a radio station tbh.

    Lol, I like how I respond to this after having a 5 minute discussion of me trying to explain a simple concept to my mum.

    Tbh everyone else that I talk to here has an msn or something. Do you have an email? I'd like to keep in touch with you occasionally if you disappear again, haha.
    Yeah, I know. Just telling you in advance. If I do it'll probably be under Terrorizer or another band name.

    Oh I know. I wish it was easier to get a job when you're fifteen...

    oh I know about being pissed off pretty damn well, haha. My emotion meds are interestingly enough turning me into much more of a sentimental person, it's weird going back and readingwhat I write sometimes before I take them... But that's enough of my rambling. I'm rather confused why I stay on here tbh. But oh well.

    Not anything in particular. I'm considering making a new account here since I hate my username and some of the **** I've done on this one, if I can get a mod's approval.

    Other than that, irl has been pretty damn boring and so has the internet.

    How've you been doing? Haven't talked to you in awhile.
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