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Starlight Aurate

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  • Lol, I am not in speech, I am just going to watch my friend [and I hope that we become more then that] Josie~

    LOL THAT CLUB, I always went there when I felt down.
    Meant to send this one with the others but rain killed my internet. >_>


    I am aware of that, but all along I've felt that if I go to really deep depths there'll be something I can do, I just haven't found out what. And each day I think of and mourn for people suffering, and watching the movie The Blood Diamond certaintly doesn't make me feel any less guilty. It just really makes me feel upset inside when people can live out their daily lives without giving a thought to the fact that others are being tortured and going through physical or mental pain.
    I can't help you with this. There's a time when people have to face this kind of stuff in really think about it. But if you really want my input, then stop worrying about it. It's the way the world is, and at this point in time the chances of it changing are out of your- or anyone else's- control. You're going to have to live with knowing this stuff for the rest of your life most likely, so if you want me to be completely honest- just learn to deal with it. There's nothing else you can do. It's just one of those things.

    No need to apologize; you did help a lot. I'm so grateful for everything that you've done for me, and I feel very touched that even though you don't know me, you'd still bother to read and respond to my messages. Again, thanks for all that.
    Hey. You're a nice girl. I don't like to see you beat yourself up.
    There ya go! I should be a motivational speaker. If only I had a success story >_<

    95% of the commercials you'll see past 11 PM are for male enhancement [']_[']

    Maybe those homless people are hard rock fans ;D But really, I'm sure there are people near you that like it if you look hard enough. Or you could convert some people!

    That, my friend, seems like an excellentt premise for a Disney movie. It's got all the necessities: crazy kids doing whatever they want, the benevolent adults are idiots, and the bad adults get hurt! It just needs a name. Hm...

    ;_; You only know me over the Serebii, and I still feel touched when someone (you) say this. But how can someone deserve more love than another? People can deserve more compassion, or pity, or spite, but how can one deserve more love?
    Maybe I'm too harsh towards most people- but in all honesty, there are too many people that act in a way that makes me believe that they don't deserve any of what they get. Like I said, maybe I'm too harsh, but if someone's going to act like an asshole for no reason at all then I don't see how they deserve as much positive treatment as people who are actually nice. That wasn't the best example, but I'm not sure how to word what I'm saying.
    Well, that's good to hear, at least.

    Before I start, I'll give you a major thank you for reading and responding to my VMs. I feel so grateful that you did this, and am happy that you've been such a great friend in doing so.
    You don't need to thank me. I don't like seeing you sad, honestly.

    That's why I was putting off telling you all this for a while because I felt that I needed to speak of this to someone that really knew me in real life--since you don't know how I look, I knew it'd be difficult for you to try and make me feel better about that. The reason I didn't talk to someone about this in real life and talked to you instead is because, as I said, I don't really trust anyone with telling this. I don't have any friends that are close enough, my siblings are siblings, and I'm afraid that if I tell my parents they'll think I'm crazy and lock me up in an asylum. I finally decided it'd be okay to tell you since you don't really know me in real life and it won't affect your life style to know a crazy person over the web.
    You're not crazy. Seriously. If you are so am I, and so are a lot of other people in the world. I have no idea how you got this thought lodged in your head, but get it out. Because it's a lie.
    You can do stuff! Like, my school is doing volunteer work. I'm sure there's something around that helps the homeless! Get a group together and go help =^)

    Thanks! Hopefully you just had a cold that'll pass. Scientists need to stop focusing on male enhancement and find a way to cure a cold >:^(

    Gah, same here. It's a damn shame that almost nobody has good taste in music anymore.

    Tattle?! But then I'd be a buzzkill! Who's to say I won't take advantage of the lack of supervision? ;O
    Seems a lot like LA or New York ._. I'm sorry that it's so bad. Maybe you can find a park free of homeless people?

    Well, nobody really knows. The tests came back negative, every single one. AllI know was that I kept getting dizzy and was throwing up. It went away for a while, but it's coming back :(

    Well, I'm on a lot when I'm not trying to quit here. Shoot me a VM anytime; I don't mind answering VM's from when I was off! I'm sure a lot of your other invisible friends are the same.

    Oh hell nah! I can stand some older rap, but pop just doesn't cut it. 80's-90's are cool, though. Seether is one of the newer bands I like.

    XD He did tell us to go to the bathroom in groups though, so the pedos can have more to feast on. Well, maybe not that last part, but you get the point :) You'd expect a teacher at a Christian school to be more strict, but whaddya gonna do?
    What's wrong with Boston? I'm just a couple thousand miles down south, drop by ;)

    LMFAO a month overall, not all at once! I space these things out! But I did miss 16 days at once, but I was REALLY sick then [.]_[.] Boy who cried wolf much?

    B-b-but I still never see you ;-;

    Oh good! I was cringing when I asked that cause I thought we were about to have a conversation about Lady Gaga and Beyoncè >_< I like a lot of rock too, mostly the older stuff. I like some new bands, but have yet to find many good ones. Not too into metal yet, but I'll come around.

    That's the thing: the teacher said, "We won't be supervising you much. Watch out for the freaks who like children, though." I didn't know whether to laugh or to scream.
    Wait, is that where you moved to? I've always wanted to go to Chicago/Illinois/anywhere outside of Florida!

    Haha, I've missed a month of school >_> I suppose I should stop skipping, but I'm just SO sick ALL the time ;P

    Bored? That's why you need to come here more often (y)

    Speaking of Pink Floyd, what kind of music do you like?

    I wouldn't want to go with anyone but my school, since it seems hard as hell to get into all the places that schools can go to. They keep telling about the migratory flights of pedophiles that come to DC in May to feed off young kids. It's pretty freaky...
    Wow, is Illinois really that cold? I guess I should of known, seeing as it has Chicago. Spring weather here can go from 60s to 90s in a day O_O

    Ah, I've been better too. Teenagery has hit hard, ya know? I just got off of Spring Break, so I'm getting used to being back in school. I've skipped the past two days, so I haven't been getting used to anything yet =^) We don't need no education!

    One month until I go to Washington, D.C. My teacher got us into the Pentagon; I'm scared xD
    Hey starlit :)

    How're you? I haven't seen you around so much... It seems like forever since we last talked!
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