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Starlight Aurate

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    You can be on here, ignorant of messages for as long as you want, since your status says you're always off
    It's called a grammar fix.

    Those are some weird people.

    How queer.
    You seem to be confusing 'ignoring' with 'ignorance'.


    Eh, even some of my close friends thought I was a girl for a while.
    Man, Serebii's acting up again, forgetting stuff and whatnot.

    YOU'RE A GIRL!? I'm quite surprised that someone thought you were a boy. >_>

    Now, my gender, I can see some confusion there (since I'm rather girly).
    Same for us. But when we go to Church we'll get invited hopefully. There'll be a lot of people.

    But most the day we'll be having fun with the family, I hope.
    Well, us Australians don't have Thanksgiving, but I am excited for Christmas. St. Johns, which is our local church, has organised a big feast.
    Ok. Well, I released 1 of my lv. 100 Shellder's for Lil' Crickee, and so I'll release the other now. Good luck finding it!! Also, thanks for getting my Swablu! I will be releasing all my other Shellder and Gulpin in 10 minutes, so if you don't find my lv. 100 one you can try to find atleast one of the 22 or so I have :)
    Also, I will stay on SPPf until I release my 4 Missingno, which may take a while if no-one posts in the club.
    Well, I'm still releasing now, so some stuff might not come until a bit later ): But most of my pokemon are only like, lv. 1 /trained via daycare ): Also, if you want a daycare raised lv. 100 Shellder for whatever reason tell me and I'll release it.
    Thanks for unlocking this. I meant to say 9:00PM server time, but I forgot about Daylight savings, so I actually mean 8:00 PM server time. I live in Western Australia, so my time is exactly opposite (e.g. Midday here is Midnight there), so I have started releasing already. I am keeping my Missingno. for members of the club, so if you want one (or 4) tell me and I'll release it for you. Hopefully you can find some of my stuff in the shelter.
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