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  • I wish I still had cool pokemon left to SR for in white 2 :c I'd SR for Volcarona too! Good Special attack pokemon! Hope it shines and has awesome IVs and nature for special! that'd be awesome!

    Me and you are the same in the lazy department xD
    I get sculpting clay - i feel I'll do better at that, since I'm more hands on. I don't want to draw until I get a tablet and I found one, just need to wait for it to be gifted to me for like a birthday or something lol... I'm cheap. Do you post your art somewhere? I'd love to see it!

    For teachers, they should get paid more since now they have to continue to go to classes even after all the degrees and whatnot, just to stay up to date or whatever. I forgot what my one teacher said back senior year about having to keep going to school even though they are already a teacher. AND they get all summer off! Perfect job xD

    Yeah, she has plenty of time to change her mind that's why I'm all attitudey when my parents drive and will continue to drive her across the state to do something for college - something 3 and a half years away.
    9th grade i wanted to be a photographer/veterinarian
    10th web design
    end of 10th/11th video editor and effects or whatever
    12th - computers, something with computers lol

    >:c why do they even care what you do in your spare time xD if it's not illegal it's really no big deal. Shiny pokemon are amazing to have even if most of mine are trophies! I would rather trade them into a game where I'm just starting out so I devolve gameplay love for them lol I feel more "bonded" when I go through the game with them!
    EV training :c ten minutes :c you must be real good at it xD It doesn't take me long to do speed IV (basculine, pkrs, power brace) but everything is else is like.... lame lol
    That's good, hopefully those last weeks go fast and you can get some awesome BQ shinies!

    Really! That's cool! I want to be good at something arty so bad but I don't have it in me, I try for a while but don't see improvement anywhere xD I think she's making her art a side thing though :c. She wanted to be an art teacher but found out it's hard and cheaper end pay i guess? She's now looking into Zoology, I believe and wants to go to school in Ohio, unless she changed her mind again lol.

    Filling the pokedex is a fun challenge! I'm glad mine didn't take long - I mainly did it for the shiny charm xD but that's cool! I'd be jealous of the shiny hunter in the group, if I wasn't one! Shinies are awesome, even though some people just think they're lame. And EVs - if you DON'T understand them, is hard as helll xD once I found something that described it like a boss - it's easy now!
    I went and EV trained a rampardos for attack (his attack is 180 at level 37!) proud of him! A week later I trained a Litwick but I was like why the heck is this taking so long? I forgot about the ten vitamins -_-
    Evolve it as soon as you can then! lol. How the BQ coming anyways? I'm not going to SR yet :c I'm not in the mood for it xD so more eggs for me.
    Yeah, I feel like James could do way better outside of Team rocket.. I'd wish he'd leave them lmao

    Yeah :c she's awful. Although she's the "better" kid out of me and her. She's been an honor student for years and is already planning college crap when she's only in 9th grade. She's really good at art, which is something I wish I was good at. I'm better at gaming lol. Although I can't really make a career out of gaming and you don't get complements on that xD

    My friend's like pokemon but not like... really like it. They all got pokemon decals for their 3ds and i'm like... why? they barely play lol. She's lucky then though, I want a real face to face pokemon community!
    Hmm, so maybe it was bayleef I hated xD There are some pokemon in the anime that just make me dislike them overall. I LOVE cats. But I hate meowth because of team rocket lol Although I like James... Hate the rest of them, the whole organization!!

    Lucky - how old was she when she stopped?! I mean I'm 21 in 4 months, and she's 16 in... October. She hopeless in the growing up part. Girl can't even take defrosting chicken in a package out of the microwave or put the shower head back in it's spot when I left it out to wash my hair... UGH, gosh sorry xD it just bothers me how much of a baby she is for turning 16 soon.

    hmm, then make her join the community c; maybe she's stubborn down!
    I never liked chikorita because Ash's in the anime I found annoying lol although it's my sister's favorite.. or was. Not sure lol she always copies me. (trapinch/litwick hunt, same 3ds...)

    24 eggs is good luck! Tell her to PokeCheck them to see if they're legit - either way, I know plenty of people on the board would say that those traded like that don't count towards her total. Everyone will say "my shiny is legit" even if it isn't, just to get a good deal.
    Hey seen you got that shiny! Not the ones you really wanted xD but hey, at least it shined!

    This friend sounds like I wouldn't enjoy their company often lol. None of my friends even like pokemon (besides my boyfriend's friends) I have like two friends that like it but don't play often....unlike myself.

    But as long as she keeps on getting traded shinies - she'll never be a hunter! Just a collector of other people's shinies - that are possibly hacked!
    Lol, yeah I feel like i'd have a lot of those lets get to at least 50 today days. :| I'm impatient. I paused my trapinch hunt because I got 500 REs over the counter and am now doing eggs.

    Hacked shinies means I can try and get something cool on gts! But i wonder who. I've been thinking about it for the longest time lol

    That would make me mad. Tell them they don't count unless you get them yourself. I don't count ones I got in trade to my overall shiny count, I put them on my card just in case someone has a good deal lol tell her to shut up :p
    How fast do you SR? I feel like it would take forever and that's why I've been staying away from it :c
    Damn only 60 o_O I hate odds like that xD but i'm sure you'll do good and maybe you'll be the first one they choose!

    I hope that's a quick hunt then! I mean, you're hunting three pokemon at a time so it should go pretty fast... Hopefully.
    Someone on YT said they got a shiny in 20 SRs!

    Lol! The problems of a shiny hunter xD Cressalia is a nice shiny too, but it made me mad in white 2 xD

    This guy on Tumblr said he'd trade me his three shinies for legendaries, I said no but he gave me the shinies anyway.
    They're all hacked >.> well the last one might be RNGed but idk. >.>
    Yeah I know, he kinda sounded egotistical >.O I think he followed me and then unfollowed me lol

    I'm going to eventually do that too xD for the same reason! Shiny Cyndaquil or Totodile!
    Someone gave me a shiny Croconaw - but it was level 48. I thought it was weird that he wouldn't evolve it.. So I'm not sure if it's hacked or not.
    BQs look like so much fun! I'm just afraid I wouldn't be able to do it because of how long it takes. I don't have the patience, but you do with 11k encounters lol
    We'll both be hunting in reversal! Although I'm using the repel trick so it's taking a bit longer :c in black 2 once I beat it i'm going for cottonee and then SRing Virizon!
    Omg congrats! Finally :D I'm glad it shined for you!!
    I told the person who was arguing with me "that's just how some hunters do it" and he didn't answer!
    Whose going to be your next hunt :0 I'm staying on litwick while dual playing black 2 lol I never beat it!
    Yes double grass is like a life savior lol. Litwicks take forever, i'm at 1,100 :c
    Someone on tumblr is arguing about me not shutting off my ds when I hunt >.>
    I find it more time efficient in my opinion.. don't have to wait for title screens :c
    Just pick up and go!

    I can imagine xD after 10k encounters I'd never come back lolol
    You got a lot of patience!! Dual hunting is fun! I dual hunted litwick two months ago~ just have to do it with the tv
    off or I get way too distracted :c ... do you get distracted like that :eek:?

    They don't understand because they don't play games all they do is surf the internet and do their online homework lol
    We only have two internet service providers in the area because we live in the mountains. The one we don't have - we had
    previously and it was good! But they were asshats about paying bills so my mom said go screw and cancelled lol
    Yeah >.> I'm over 2000 overall for litwick :c getting tired of the slow encounters :v i like double grass way better lol
    I'm hoping something will shine fast there since litwick is being elusive lol.

    My internet is awful, so it will because it downloads all the photos and gifs, I'm suppose to have 800kbps download speed, i'm lucky if I get 150kbps. Sometimes it goes down to BYTES PER SECOND! I don't know why were are paying for such crap internet lol my parents won't change it.

    DAYUM. Oh my gosh >> that's high xD I hope it shines at 11k! OR LESS!
    That's twice as good~!
    I changed my mind again >.> If I don't get litwick by Monday after noon - i'm hunting double grass at reversal mountain using the repel trick so I can get vibrava... hopefully I expect skarmory first! After that I'll RE Cottonee :x I can never keep on track xD
    How's petilil going? - I can't go on tumblr because it'll lag my boyfriend's game -_-
    It works xD Supershinyawesomeperson ;D

    I don't really care what number but I'm just hoping I get it by the end of next week hahaa, I might play my black 2 and try and get a cottonee but I don't have the shiny charm in that one lol

    That's an idea! But I hate having to click to the next page lol for movies I can just sit there like a zombie lmao
    I hate scares too, I have Skyrim and something things in there scare me and it's not even scary >.>
    You can upload on YouTube and then embed it in other places! Make sure you have a super cool youtube name too >=)
    Litwick is over 1,400 D: but that's before I got my past three shinies. 400-600 of those REs were without the Shiny Charm.

    You didn't do more than 100 eggs? :O I usually fill boxes up (3-5 boxes) with eggs after I save in front of the guy, hatch em all and if there is no shiny you just reset! I hate releasing so many. That way is easier for me and that's how I got shroomish! 417 eggs later that is lol :C

    Nuzlockes are fun to watch because I like seeing what Pokemon they're going to get and what they nickname them! I stay away from lets plays now mainly because if I ever get the game there are no surprises lol
    I might do that with litwick after a day or two. Once I get bored I switch so that I won't give up lol. Giving up is everyone own worst enemy! I watch nuzlockes on Youtube when I don't have a movie xD do you up load to youtube?
    :OOO Jealous, how many did you encounter? Or was it completely random? After litwick, I'm resuming my trapinch hunt as well! Once I get a DWF Cyndaquil, I'll start shiny MMing for one, since it's my favorite starters TOO Many targets D':
    Oh man, I hope you get it then. It can get real boring. I usually watch a pokemon movie to pass the time lol each time I encountered a random one, i've been watching a movie haha. Litwick I was searching for, for a LONG time. I'm going back to it now, since I've been getting lucky. And yes, thank you :D
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