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Last Activity:
Oct 12, 2013
Sep 23, 2012
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Playing Pokemon all day

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☆ I'm The Captain, from U.S.A

StarSurgeX was last seen:
Oct 12, 2013
    1. ShinyMienshao
      No problem ^^
    2. Estellise
      I'm just trying to beat Cyrus in Pearl. :L
    3. Estellise
      So, what's going on? :3
    4. Estellise
      Ah, thanks. ^^ I like your avi. :P
    5. Estellise
      I appreciate the friend request! What prompted you to send one?
    6. IrisAndDawn
    7. IrisAndDawn
      im sorry i didnt see your vm when you sent it yeah we can get along i feel so bad that i didnt see it :(
    8. Pokemon1998Ash
      No Problem :)
      Thank You For Accepting it. :)
    9. Iffiemii
      Don't call me stranger D< I can stalk you irl LOL. btw, My whimsicott will kick yo butt
    10. Toyosatomimi no Miko
      Toyosatomimi no Miko
      Thank you for the FR
    11. IrisAndDawn
      hello thanks for the friend request
    12. GigaGalvantula
      Your team for White 2 is simmilar to mine for Black 2.

      I plan on using Oshawott (well Samurott), Arcanine, Electabuzz (I think i'll use an evolite) and Levanny. The difference is taht I plan on using Golurk and Gothitelle.
    13. MastersOfMonsters
      Well, not trying to sound mean. :( Sorry.
    14. dirkac
      Yup. Giratina Rank, though you need to be an Admin in the club to be that rank! Giratina is one of my favs too. It's second place. First place is Phione :P
    15. dirkac
      Oh, well you rank up according to how manyposts you have on the club.
      Like, you need 25 posts to become Piplup Rank, and so on. It's also on the front page of the club if you were wondering.
    16. dirkac
      I guess... You are now officially Chimchar Rank! It's one rank higher than the Bidoof Rank! Which... I forgot to put in. Wait up qhile I update the OP K?
    17. dirkac
      Haha, I know right!?
      PS, you got accepted, just wanted to let you know.
      Oh, and you could have also said it in the club, since everything Sinnoh related is discussed there! Which means Cynthia too.
    18. dirkac
    19. dirkac
      Well, on the main page of the forum, if you go down enough, you'll see a forum called clubs, right? if you go in there, go into the Sinnoh Club, and use the form I gave for signing up (in the original post), I'll add you as a member. :)
      It's still pretty new, so if you'll sign up, you'll be the second member to join! The first three members get a free rank up by the way. :)
      When you submit... Have fun!
    20. dirkac
      Ok, well first of all, you make a first post with the Member List, ranks, rules, infractions, etc. You get it all.
      After that, you post it in the forum Clubs, and it'll go to an Admin, that admin then decides if it's good or not, if it's good it gets accepted!

      PS, would you join the Sinnoh Club? Just wondering, since it got accepted.
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    Playing Pokemon all day
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Hello World My name Is Alejandro, I'm a True Pokemon Fan, i love Pokemon from Gen 1 up to Gen 6 :) I feel the every Gen is unique and keeps Pokemon going For me Pokemon is not just a TCG, or Video Game or toys for me Pokemon is a life style and i'm very proud of it.. I been playing pokemon since i got pokemon red and i felt in love with Pokemon. Ever since then i have collect as many Pokemon merchandise as i can and i have all the games from the main series and spin off. Anyway i'm 19 and i'm really easy to get along with if you want to know anything about me just ask.

    Pokemon ^^ , anime and music


    Looking Good!
    Would you like a "Signature" like mine?, contact me