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  • Whoops, a little late here but I'm adding your code now. I'll be in the plaza in a minute!
    Great, gives me enough time to breed an Amaura on my roommate's DS and send it over. Let me know when you've got it :)
    Edit: He had an extra female so he said I can give you that. I'm ready whenever you are!
    K, I got some Pinecos! Whenever you're ready to trade, my FC is 1306-6720-7342 and my IGN is Zeki.
    Cool! I'll have to breed the HA onto a Pineco first and then I'll be ready. Oh, and if you have anything else from that list of pokemon I'm looking for, I can trade a HA Amaura too.
    Good news; I got that HA Amaura from a friend. Do you have a list anywhere of what you're offering? The things I'm looking for off the top of my head are a Moon Ball Pikipek, Level Ball Yungoos, Beast/Moon Ball Golett, Fast Ball Corphish, and Moon Ball Mudkip.
    Hi! Did you ever get the Safari Pineco you were looking for? Caught one myself in Emerald, and I can breed its HA onto it if you want. I was wondering if you had a HA Amaura in return?
    if you have any other gen6 bank balls you might be looking for, feel free to ask if i have it. i dont have the biggest collection but i got 80-90 of them.
    thank you very much for the Gloom. i was running a calm nature Bellossom as an SDF tank and it was rather fun. i just wasnt able to get the friend ball variety so i went with nest ball. i can now complete the original idea i had back then.
    thanks, its not the biggest rush to get the vivillon but its still something to get for my collection of pet projects.

    im online now, is your player named ramon? if not then what did you name your character
    thank you, i'll have a safari ball gligar on my UM file (2ds) player name Mizore (female character). 2 PM is fine with me for the trade.

    it looks like your vivillon ball collection is harder than my goals with vivillon. i just want that particular detail for a vivillon for my UM file as i could then have it match my UM player in appearance. i dont know what vivillon is native to your game but mine is polar, so if your are looking for a polar one i can supply that for you. if you do happen to come across someone with meadow pattern access later on, would you be able to tell me who i can ask for one of my own?

    ive never been much of an event/shiny collector. i hardly use the legendaries aside from Suicune as thats the design thats my fav legendary. i do get shinies that i like but i dont make it a goal to get every single one. i do have a decent collection of gen6 bank ball 60 varieties (spares) +27 unbred females (no space for them)
    im not looking for much in return for the safari Gligar. i dont have much need for hidden ability pokemon or shinies. i dont know if you have access to this vivillon but its a long shot. ive been trying to find a sassy nature (normal ability) meadow pattern vivillon caught in a heal ball. its for item farming purposes though i already have other patterned vivillon for that task too. the meadow pattern just looks better imo for what im thinking of.

    if the vivillon was a long shot and you dont have acces to it then here are some other specific ball pkmn im looking for.
    friend ball oddish (would prefer it over the sentret if available)
    safari ball sentret

    im in eastern time zone GMT-5hr and i got the whole day off tomorrow and friday. is this trade to be completed in gen6 or gen7? if its gen7 then i'll be using the 2DS for the FC as the 3ds has 99/100 FC already registered.
    i got some gen6 bred safari ball gligar females bred out sometime last year. i still got a few left in the PKbank app. though the gligar dont have the hidden ability.
    Hey I reviewed your story. It's pretty good. ^_^. I wanted to give a more indepth review but it's midnight, sorry about that.

    Anyhow, ttyl.
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