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  • me too!! i requested a change, so hopefully they'll get to it, and you can claim that song if you want. ;P
    -nod- I remember in my Red version I just beat Misty and got Bubblebeam, and for some reason I had a Magikarp and I tried to teach it Bubblebeam, and it wouldn't work. I got really mad. XD

    Uh, it usually goes pretty good. I just pick lots of hybrids and use diverse movesets. I'm guessing you have mostly well-rounded teams?

    I usually pick the one I like best, too. I've started with Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, [That was my only fire-type starter] Totodile, Chikorita, Mudkip, Turtwig, and Piplup.
    Yeah, that's how I always do it. lol.

    Yeah, and Protect can be learned by any Pokémon, I think. -shrug-

    Oh, yeah, Chikorita was a cool Pokémon. I love how they pronounced it. Hah, maybe. XD But if it got the job done that's all that matters, I guess.

    Yep, I usually do. I sometimes even use all water-types. When I really like the grass starter, I'll use it. Me neither. Fire types aren't really my favorite.

    Do you start with mainly water-types?
    -nod- I think it took me a while to figure it out, too.

    Yeah. I used Nidoran [the male one] because it learns Double Kick, which is fighting.

    Hah. Normal's weak to fighting, but I don't think you could have any by that time anyway, so I don't think it mattered.

    Yep. Flaaffy's actually very special to me. In the animé there's a Flaaffy named Hannah, and that's my best friend's name, too. lol.
    Do you have any Pokémon that are special to you?
    Yeah, probably Morty's. Didn't he have that invisible like... path thing?

    Because of that annoying Pikachu, right? Clair and Whitney were the hardest for me. Well, I don't remember most of the things I did in GSC because it was so long ago. I just remember Whiteny's Miltank KO'ing my Flaaffy with that Rollout. xD
    Yeah, but only in the Johto games he became an Elite Four member. Heh, me, too. I was like five and I didn't know there was invisible walls.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot about Tate & Liza. They were surprisingly easy in Ruby/Sapphire, though.
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