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  • That's pain killers tho. I've never liked pain killers of any kind. It's more the fear of addiction when it comes to that. The reason I kept disagreeing with the mental state is because not all marijuana causes that. There's a couple hundered if not more strains and they all effect differently. Let me explain it like this. There's 2 different genes (dunno what they're exactly called) "indica" and "sativa", but at the same time they can be cross bred with eachother and share both called a hybrid. 1 plant may be sativa dominant while the other is indica dominant (this is where my growing exp will come into play). You can breed 2 different strains with eachother to get both effects in 1. Let's use this as an example; Sour Diesel is 90% sativa but a VERY potent strain and alone will get you blazed.. OG Kush is 80% indica and also a very potent strain that alone will get you blazed. Sativa effects the body more while indica effects the brain and body more. Sativa is more of a calm relaxing high and this is why it helps with pain, depression, and anxiety. Indica is a more intense and a full body high while at the same time stopping you from controlling your mental state. But also helps with pain, depression, and anxiety. It's not guaranteed tho. INDICA DOMINANT STRAINS MAY INTENSIFY THOSE EFFECTS which is why they don't give it out to patients. Sativa doesn't have that effect. But mixed together will give the user both effects. The user will feel a very intense high while at the same time relaxed, and not able to control they're mental state. The mental state I'm talking about is any worries you had before are gone, you don't give a **** anymore. Sativa DOES change your state of mind but you can still control it. Make sense now? Didn't wanna post it cuz I know how Lolsgod is.
    You gotta admit this tho. If you were a stoner you'd be in the exact same position I'm in debating it, and if I was against it or never smoked it or don't wanna smoke it then I'd be in same position as you.
    Tho he have our differences and our own opinions (that whole debate is on opinion, and I can't change your and you can't change mine). That doesn't give us a reason to hate eachother... Anyways, Merry Christmas even tho we disagree with eachother, and most likely always will. It's like the presidental elections in there lol.
    Shoes are awesome! D;

    It's not selfish at all! Which reminds me, one of my great-great grandmothers (now dead) was taken to a camp when she was younger...she survived, thankfully, but it scarred her...
    I've seen one or two before. >.> They advertise shoes and stuff. .-.

    I'm not ashamed. I'm actually proud to be one of the few Jewish people in the world. But....you don't know who's a Hitler until it's too late...
    I like the ones with little pics, though. >u< Like, the little buttons. They're cute.

    I'm always a little scared to tell people my religion at first because sometimes people say rude things..;^;
    I was thinking of pug6666, but he works too. :p I find the spambots that speak different languages the most annoying. >.>

    I simply say it's not apart of my religion, or why do you care? :p Maybe you should try that sometime?
    I dislike quite a few people in the games section...mainly the trolls and occasional spambots. :p

    it gets kinda annoying to say 'I'm Jewish' all the time. :/
    I see you a lot anyway. >.>
    All you have to do is not offend anyone (including myself). Think you can do that?
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