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  • Yeah, that's a great link. I'm not sure why the mods locked that thread but didn't lock the religion in society one.
    Not too much, apart from my machine locking me out of the forums.

    I only managed to get back on yesterday.

    How are things with you?
    To answer your question, the final strip says it all:

    So in short his family wanted it retired at the time.
    Not he himself.
    The movie could flop,
    but it is being written by Schulz' son, who is working
    very hard to make it stay true to his father's work.
    Princess Mononoke was awesome. I saw it perhaps five years ago - it was the film which introduced me to Studio Ghibli. I plan to watch this one again soon. It has a superb story with very interesting characters. The whole world which the story takes place is so full of imagination. I think the film had the greatest visuals that an anime could offer at its time & for years to come. IMO, it's definitely worth more than one watch.
    Yeah, it was good. It's about a brother and his little sister living through World War III. It's a nice perspective - focuses on very small things. Overall a simple tale & perhaps slow-paced, but very real & moving. It hasn't got too much action like in Princess Mononoke or the craziness of Sprited Way - I did the mistake of going to it with that expectation. :p It's a normal 1988 film, so have some patience & let its magic work through. :)
    Yes, I think it kinda does. I'm not Jewish, but my grandmother lost a lot of relatives during WW2. It is also because I want fairness across the boards, if the N-word and the F-word are banned because they are offensive, then -imo- Nazi should be banned as well. But apparently, the mods don't agree.
    Hey, I know we don't talk much but:
    Thanks a million Serebii, these avatars are awesome ^_^
    Why not use one?
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