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    This is going to be a special round in which u get the riddle and the answer to the riddle but u have to figure out why that’s the answer. I’m not sure if jordie wants me to post a riddle or not but ill post it and remove it if he wants it gone.

    Okay lets start with an easy one
    3 kids are playing a memory game with a deck of cards, the object of the game is to get as many pairs by remembering where each card is after they’ve been turned facedown the deck has 20 cards that means 10 pairs. Okay now each kid said they got a different number of pairs (but one is lying!) here are the kids answers:

    Kid A : I got 8 pairs!

    Kid B : I got 9 pairs!

    Kid C : I got all 10 pairs
    Pm me or jordie with which kid is lying and WHY u know that.
    (and if this riddle sounds familliar sorry ;))
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