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  • Not too hot. Too many Miltanks keep ruining the chain. I try to swap Tauros each time a new one appears, but often they call in Miltank instead and then eventually Struggle themselves into fainting. Very frustrating.
    Just a heads up; taking a break from catching my 2nd Stakataka and playing Ultra Sun again. Going to search for a HA Tauros now.
    I keep forgetting things! I meant to ask if you’d like me to reset the EVs on the Toucannon.
    So, was recently breeding Lure Ball Rotoms. After hatching all I needed, I hatched the remaining eggs I had. The last one had a 31/0/31/31/31/31 IV spread. I thought I’d ask you if you’d like it.
    Ooh yeah, I got a Moon Ball Pawniard through WT last night (which will be great for the shiny) and have been getting a few more goodies through the GTS. I'll keep looking through that and your spreadsheet too. Thanks and happy holidays to you too!
    Yaaay thanks! I know there's a lot more you and I want so definitely looking forward to trading again :3
    OH and I forgot to mention, since I'll be getting newly obtainable apricorn mons, I was wondering if that means the original S/M will recognize those as illegal combos and be banned from trading...? Just in case, I'll be trading out of my Ultra Moon game where my IGN is Lauren.
    No prob, I've been busy as well since I recently got a new job. I'll finish breeding your requests tomorrow and probably be able to trade then (I'll send a PM when I'm ready). Hope you get over your cold soon too!
    Well, I’m gonna finish the Wonder Trades then I’ll be breeding more of these things. Already got a shiny one, but no luck with the stats. Kinda pisses me off that I get a shiny within a day, but none every time I breed for a shiny Sandygast. Well, anyway, take care.
    I know you don’t like when I say this, but I don’t really have the time to pick stuff. If you have spare Fomantis bred, I’ll trade for that. I’ll be online, wonder trading the others for a bit.
    Thank you for the Fomantis...Fomantises...Fomanti (what’s the plural form of Fomantis?). Sorry for missing that first scheduled time. I need to get back to breeding HA Pikipeks in Level Balls. Let me know if you’d like a spare.
    Crap! I slept through the alarm (and a call from my ma). I’ll be on at 9, then.
    Since I have one of each gender for you, how about we trade two for two? 7:30-ish is fine. I’ll set my alarm and try to remain connected until 8:15. I’ll probably reconnect at 9, if I don’t see you.
    Okay, then. I have a male ready for you. A good female, too, if you want her. Hope you feel better.
    I’ve been checking quite often for new Visitor Messages. I don’t know why I didn’t see this two days ago. Anyway, could I have a HA Fonantis in a Friend Ball, please? I was recently swamped by one used in a Trick Room team. I’m gonna try to do the same. By the way, I’ve already recieved a male, but if I get another male before I get a female, would you accept him? I can trade a good female to breed, too, if that were the case.
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