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Last Activity:
Jan 3, 2014
Dec 2, 2008
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school and Walmart

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hiding in your mind, from Oklahoma

Steelers_Fan was last seen:
Jan 3, 2014
    1. deoxysdude94
      ~Music is like Candy; You Just Gotta Throw Out the Rappers~

      this is THE BEST QUOTE I HAVE EVER HEARD. It's going in my sig!
    2. takbir10
      Troy Polumalu is my idol......
      (Totally has nothing to do with you)
      (and do not mind me, just another troller)
    3. Zora
      Ocarina of Time is, ultimately, the origin of my name, but I'm not really a big Zelda fan. Honestly, I'm more of an JRPG and visual novel/text adventure gamer myself.
    4. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      You too. Let's put this whole mess behind us, and I'm glad we can accept each other's apologies.
    5. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Fair enough. Well, sorry for flipping out at you, I just reread all of my messages and I was too harsh. Sorry for escalating this so much, and I hope yu can accept my apology.
    6. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Well, if he is a troll, he got what he wanted by being banned. Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff he said made me laugh too, but he took it over the line with the negro comment, and that was what made me angry.
    7. jacobii
      Go steelers!!!!
    8. MidnightMelody
    9. MidnightMelody
      Ah ok I think I got it and was scared I would just drop dead.
    10. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      He got banned, and in my opinion he deserved it. Live with it for a week.
    11. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Well, we had mercy on him then.
    12. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      I don't sit on serebii all day either. I don't have over 5000 posts like some people. I just think that whether or not he was trying to make people mad, he shouldn't have done it.
    13. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      First of all, you reply on the OTHER person's profile for a vm. I just came here in case you did it. Second, manaphy was upset because her friend died, and he made a bunch of comments about it. At one point he said, "I have friends, but unlike you, mine are alive." In the tread that djhappy made about the 3 boys getting murdered, he said, "I hope they were negros." I'm not sorry. He'll probably be back in a week.
    14. Steelers_Fan
      What did he do though? He was troll and made me laugh with some of the ridiculous things he said
    15. Abstinence Pistols
      Abstinence Pistols
      Alleviate got banned for being an *******.
    16. Steelers_Fan
      Steelers, although the Packers are really good and might take it
    17. noobers
      So who are you rooting for in this year's Super Bowl?
    18. yani~sakura
      i love your signature!
    19. The Fad
      The Fad
      Hey dude, Steelers rule
    20. rukario590720
      im catholic. i jst dont l ike racists. i am but im joking aaout it. who's da "her"
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    school and Walmart
    Favourite Pokémon:
    video games and reading


    ;473;Pittsburgh Steelers Rule
    ~Music is like Candy; You Just Gotta Throw Out the Rappers~
    If you believe in Jesus Christ put this in your profile and don't just ignore this, because in the Bible it says, ‘If you deny me, I will deny you in front of my Father in the gates of Heaven.’