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  • Stick man!

    Why is your name all in caps. Do you really, really, REALLY like this utopia of stick!
    I like how Pikachu demolished two pseudos in the Kalos League. Not as good as beating a legendary/mythical but still cool.

    They really shouldn't have done that with Iris though. Sure she is not a fan favorite but not making her cameo is just wrong(running out of adjectives here :p). If smh Serena cameos in Alola then some people will be really salty and I won't blame them for that.

    I watch the new episode every Saturday cause by then the subbed version is usually up. That way I can stay with the Anime while still speculating on the possible future events.
    I think they won't reference much from the past. Ash knows about old Pokemon and I think that's the most we will get now. It would be nice to see old characters once in a while too but I guess GF wants to move on.

    Ah yes the SM Anime is nice till this point. The battle against Hala was quite intense and enjoyable. It looks like they didn't reset Pikachu this time.
    Wow, again a late reply. Been busy with the competitive scene, the new gen and stuff.

    So, he didn't win the league. Why am I not surprised? Those so called writers need to cut the kid some slack.

    I watched first two episodes of SM today. It is alright. Hopefully they would fix the continuity issue. Referencing old things once in a while would be nice.
    I do to. Many of the more amusing posters on here are gone so it feels less lively. I guess it's just a new era.
    Hey, long time no see. I'm doing good. Glad to see you are still here. So many people I talked to during the DP era have gone or don't come on as much anymore.
    People keep on giving dumb excuses, like "He's strong, so it makes Infernape look stronger for beating the Pokémon that beat Torterra" which is BS, since Infernape is CLEARLY on another level to Torterra.
    Also doesn't help that Ash gave up on Grotle by the time it learned Rock Climb and when it swallowed Energy Ball.
    His pokemon were treated great, the battles were sick, the league was the best, May was handled great, the group dynamic was much better as well.
    Meh at best. It did have it's good points but it did SO much wrong too. 6-7/10. Hoenn/Battle Frontier still is my overall fave.
    Ya, it did. Nothing really interesting. Just Pikachu, Talonflame, and Hawlucha vs Slaking, Aegislash, and Clawitzer.
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