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Mar 6, 2009
Jun 30, 2005
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Student *sigh*

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meh..^_^', from Australia

STJ was last seen:
Mar 6, 2009
    1. XD375
      Do you still exist? :D
    2. Agustus
    3. Gazmof
      Anime in general seems to be sucking at the moment, so I couldn't agree with you more. I've mostly been watching older series recently, so you could say I'm out of the loop when it comes to that.
    4. Hjörung´s wrath
      Hjörung´s wrath
      LOL @ the comic, now that made my day! I had completely forgotten that cliffhanger thingy. XD
      *Sigh* but yeah, I miss them flaming debates.. so pointless you couldn´t help loving it. xp
      But what has happened to your Ship Happens-website? I really liked it. :´C
    5. Gazmof
      Yeah, it's always pretty slow, but I think it's improved lately.

      As for the anime, no, I really don't think much of the DP series to be perfectly honest, so I wouldn't be the best person to ask. I keep tabs on major events like movies and so forth, but aside from that I don't make it a priority to check.
    6. Hjörung´s wrath
      Hjörung´s wrath
      Nice to see you around, too. I remember I was always harassing you and
      asking stupid questions about the ongoing events of the series, because I hadn´t seen most of the new episodes back then, lol. ^^
    7. A Loc BK
      A Loc BK
      Hey, would you like to join a gaming forum?
      There's forums for all different kinds of systems.
      Microsoft (Halo, Gears of War, CoD4), Sony (Little Big Planet), Nintendo (Pokemon, Mariokart,SSBB)
      It's a small and growing forum, so if you decide to join up, have fun.
      Oh and remember to put "Postman" as your referral.
      If you decide to not join, I understand
    8. Gazmof
      Man, you really don't get much traffic on this page, do you?
    9. Agustus
      You're my only friend T^T
    10. Hunter_RuLe
      Hi, STJ! How are you?

      The discussion in our advanceshipping thread is giving me much mixed feelings. Like you I don't really see the need of starting a new thread, but imo it wouldn't be that bad either. If this happens I think we as intelligent regulars must stand together imo and make sure we get a reliable manager. I hope you, Gazmof or Uzamaki is/are up to it, if not I could take that responability. I don't have much of a good feeling with a new thread, I just feel it would just be filled with spam aswell, while it might dissapoint some of the better posters.

      I hope I'll hear from ya ^^
      (Ps. I've also sended this to Gazmof/Uzamaki)
    11. Melody93
      Hi! Friend me!^^
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    Home Page:
    Student *sigh*
    Cynical, sarcastic, sardonic and sadis-ok, scap the last one ^_^

    I like alot of things..


    I support Gymshipping :)

    Last update 20/11/07