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  • Haha, I think your luck is contagious! I only did around 400-500 SRs before Cresselia decided to shine. ^^ Managed to catch it in a Luxury ball too, just for some extra aesthetic appeal.
    Halloo, I saw your post in the ORAS recent happenings thread. Congrats on those shinies! That's some awesome luck. Out of curiosity, do you have the Shiny Charm? I know it helps tons when shiny hunting, but I still have a huge way to go before filling up my National Dex.

    I'm currently trying my hand at SRing for a shiny Cresselia without the charm. I'm just wondering how long that will take ahahah... I'm only at around 200 SRs so far so I know I probably have a long ways to go.
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