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Last Activity:
Dec 23, 2013
Nov 23, 2012
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Route 3

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The Highest Trainer, from Route 3

StoneyPikachu was last seen:
Dec 23, 2013
    1. dittomainia
      good thing you are looking for a patrat safari. because you cant get patrat from a safari. HA patrat is unavailable. so it looks like you will be adding nobody at all. good job
    2. akher07
      hey i added u! plz add me back my FC is 4871-3657-5235 for safari!
    3. SmeargleRocks
      I have female frogadier with protean, I'm interested in that Honedge, what's are its IV's?
    4. SmeargleRocks
      Wait did I forget to friend you? Sorry about that, how have you been :)
    5. fusionzekrom
      You're looking for flawless events? O.o
    6. StoneyPikachu
      sorry bro but i don't think i'm looking for what u have 2 offer ;(
    7. fusionzekrom
      I see. But are you free of late? It'd be great if you can :D
    8. StoneyPikachu
      sorry bro lol ya ive been busy man XD if i don't respond in a day or two it's safe to look for someone else to do your RNG bro
    9. fusionzekrom
      Hey StoneyPikachu, are you still free to RNG? You haven't been responding lately (not that I want to pester you or sound impatient), but its a week already and we haven't exactly discussed any specific details of our prospective trade. If you see this please reply. Otherwise, I'd need to look for another RNGer already.
    10. fusionzekrom
      Are you still able to RNG for me? You haven't been replying for a little while. If real life caught up to you, its alright then. Just let me know whether you're still free to RNG asap. Thanks! :)
    11. fusionzekrom
      Hi StoneyPikachu, I was looking through the RNG thread when I came across your post. Seeing that you can RNG, I was wondering if you'd be able to help me RNG something. The little problem is that I live in Singapore (GMT+8) so I'm worried that trading could be a problem (busy schools life so I can't exactly be on 24/7 :P)
      Anyway, I think I might have said a little too much. Here's my request:

      Pokemon: Wynaut
      Nickname (if applicable): Wobba (if possible)
      IV's: Flawless
      Nature: Calm or Bold (Calm preferred)
      Ability: Shadow Tag
      Gender: Either
      EV'd or UT: Untouched
      Shiny/Not Shiny: Not shiny
      Moves/Hidden Power Type/Egg Moves: Encore
      Other info (if applicable): Must be an original RNG, not cloned. (Personal preference, I hope you don't mind)

      In return for all this trouble, I am willing to offer a Hex-Flawless Timid Eevee (non-shiny). Please VM me a reply if you are willing to do this. Thanks! :D
    12. Shine
      it's not fair because i have soft ressetting lately, posted a vid of my shiny ho-oh and have been actively talking about my shiny lugia quest... i guess because i learned RNG i am not allowed to join in here with you guys...
      You can join and stay on the Shiny Discussion thread, just don't talk about RNG, okay? :)

      Also, I apologize if my reply to you sounds like an attack.

      By the way, if you want to reply to a VM, click on "View Conversation" first before putting in a reply.
      If you put the reply on your own VM box, the person you replied won't know, because your reply will be placed in your own VM area. He/she will have to check your VM area just to know that you replied to him/her. You want your reply to be in the person's VM area, not yours, so that he/she is notified that you sent them a reply :)
    13. StoneyPikachu
      Fl man :) planning on moving to Colorado tho! :)
    14. ShinyUmbreon189
      Just curious, where do you live?
    15. ShinyUmbreon189
      **** I'm 20 and I've been blazin for 4 years. Yea, go figure, he's arguing with your links.
    16. StoneyPikachu
      meh let him. I know he will. these trolls are relentless. i'm 25 man you get used to people like this. I've been blazing for 9 year strait
    17. ShinyUmbreon189
      Dude that is badass! 6 links is more than he's posted the whole time and yours was in 2 posts all together.... Just wait, he's gonna argue with every link and bring his bs to the table.. I know this dude it's happened to me. Remember to click on view conversation so your post gets sent to mine. I got like a half an ounce left lol.
    18. StoneyPikachu
      yum sounds so good :) I got a fat jar of chron my self, I think my friend said it was allen wrench strain lol !
    19. ShinyUmbreon189
      Lol, sounds good man but I'm in Chicago, that'd be tight tho. I'd bring over a nice bag of chronic myself. Got some purple ourkle or however you spell it... One bowl gets you ****in blitzed. Pure indica, or maybe 80% indica 20% sativa.. It's a hybrid but has more indica feeling. Dank **** bro.
    20. ShinyUmbreon189
      Hey bro, next time post it on my wall. Just click view conversation and post it in that box. We've had many people try to put they're azz in line but they still wanted proof that it's not govt. propaganda. If it was dangerous, don't you think there'd be links to death with it? I can't help but to laugh at them trying because they are RETARDS.
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    Route 3
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    X fc 0645-7169-8228

    I am flying with farfetcch'd, tranquill and hawlucha :)