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  • I could offer a Prism Scale, a Protector, and a Whipped Dream for as many Master Balls as you'd be willing to trade. Actually, I have lots of Prism Scales, so if you prefer multiples, I could do that. Also, I've even got a few Metal Coats, so if you don't need any of the first set of items I mentioned, I could swap in one of those. Please let me know!
    Really, you dont have to.
    My fc is in my sig, in the about me tab on my profile.
    If you cant find it just go to my profile and look for posts i posted
    Ill add you then,
    Ill attach the metal coat to a heavy ball larvitar, almost perfect x/31/31/31/31/31 with 4 eggmoves :]
    Sorry I was mainly interested in the leftovers...
    I can still trade you the metal coat for free if you want to
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