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  • Hey, it's fine. No need to apologize. And a little tip: You need to use : if you want to have the Gen.V sprites.
    Sorry about that but I didn't notice your post when I was going through to do my updating. BUT you are accepted.
    Yes, you can sign up, but please put it on Fango's VM's, not Pokemon High. Also, do not post without a character, please. It is spam.
    Well for waterspout you need to goto sasa sanctuary. Once there a sparrow won't let you in because the chiefs daughter is missing. In taka pass there is a house that has a couple called the cutters. At night you need to use vine and cherry bomb to enter his house from the roof. Drag mrs. Cutter into the moonlight that you came in from. It will put you into a miniboss fight. Once you beat them you will find a pack. Open to find the chiefs daughter. Take her to sasa sanctuary. The chief will let you in now that his child is back. Once you enter there will be stairs. Feel free to explore. But on the ground floor on the right from the entrance is a path. A short cutsence will show that you need to help refresh the spring. Complete said mini game. After that Nurigami will appear
    wait, how do you place first in Musicals?
    When the person is telling you the reviews after the musical, he says things like "Your Pokemon was just like an actor!" and things like that. He says the comments to the person who came 4th, then to the one who came 3rd, then the one who came second, then the one who won. ^^ But I remembered that Whirlipede doesn't have arms so it'd be pretty difficult to win any Musicals, so yeah changing it to the domes sounds like a good idea. n_n;
    Your banner is ready over at Silver Souls Graphics! Thanks for choosing my shop! Sorry for the delay, I've been really busy.
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