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    4th Gen Nuzlocke Challenge Thread!

    I started a Nuzlocke on Platinum today. After starting, I confirmed that I was a girl with the Professor and named myself Platina and my rival Pearl. Oh, if only I could name someone Diamond! I woke up in my room, took a look around, and Pearl barged in yelling about going to Sandgem Town to get...
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    Hello? X3 Not posted here on these forums in some time. Mostly lurking. .3. I just came in to say I got a shiny female Snorunt from Wonder Trades yesterday ( now a very nice Frosslass )! I finally updated both my X and Y versions ( The former with main story complete, mostly breeding / WTing...
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    Some Fakemon - I'd like opinions!

    Ah, nice! I'd say the dog one was my favorite ( too lazy to write its name ) and the others were really cool. I can't draw anything non animal-like. xD //thumbs up
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    6th Gen 'Hit Me With Your Best Shot!' Challenge Thread!

    Crimson, I'll just give you a Slyveon now! The only restriction is that it must beat the Fairy Type gym alone, if possible. ( evolved or non-evolved ) If a girl, name it Cosette. If a boy, name it Spell. .3.
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    Pokemon High

    *stands at back of room, silent* (( I must go, my...dear friends~ See you all sometime~ ))
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    Pokemon High

    *watches the others* Don't spark an argument...
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    Pokemon High

    *Raises an 'eyebrow'* Um...Okay.
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    Pokemon High

    *Looks up* ...? What?
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    Pokemon High

    *comes over and starts to mumble* Nothing much...
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    Pokemon High

    (( Nice. I found one of Winter02's posts and stole it. MWAHAHAHA X3 )) ...Nothing...
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    Pokemon High

    (( I got the image for Frogadier by a different way- it's a real picture and not really programmed into this, I think. c: )) *enters room and sees Caleb; winces* ...You.
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    Pokemon High

    Yay...new day. *springs off to where Kalos History is held* :571: Glorious Math, the subject I need least~ *hums as walking into Math room*
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    What pokemon would the person above you be if they were one?

    You're OBVIOUSLY a Doublade, duh!
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    Destroy the Block of Bedrock 2: Bedrock Brotherhood

    I ask the bedrock a riddle; There is a fox, a hen / chicken, and a bag of grain. A farmer must get them all across the river safely without anything dangerous happening. The fox will eat the chicken and the chicken will eat the grain. How does the farmer get all three of the things safely...
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    Pokemon High

    :571: *sitting at a desk in the library, studying* Ugh, I hate studying! Why do I have to do it...? *muttering*