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  • I love that Popplio final evo concept art! Where'd you find it? It's exactly what I picture Popplio's final evo to be.
    Best. Rant. Ever. Seriously, I think you hit the nail on the head. Repeatedly. I feel the same way brother. M-Evos give us no real in-depth knowledge about the species, only it's Super-Saiyan Forme n=n+1. And as you said, several could have just had full-blown evolutions, gained the benefits of a the Eviolite item, and not had to deal with the alternate design options/battle mechanics. And Absol... jeez Absol. Poor Absol. I'm one of the few who LIKE the design, only for the rest of the fandom to hate it. Calling it an aberration from the depths of the deviantArt community. Would have totally killed with an additional Fairy sub-typing! If only to use Play Rough all the time, which it already does anyways because Fairy/Dark as of now isn't resisted by anything other than Mawile and Klefki (Fire/Fairy and Poison/Fairy will eventually come around, and they resist the combo. Speaking of which, how bad *** will those be...!). Troll Freak -_-'....

    I won't spoil anything else for you about AZ's Floette, but it's just awesome. So know that! We are all looking forward to it's release. I'm sure you've seen a picture of it; I know you haven't played the XY games yet. But when you get yours, give me a shout and we'll get each others' Friend Safaris! ;)
    Well, I'm 860+ hours into the game and have every Kalos Pokemon shiny besides Skiddo and Bunnelby now. Besides that damned Mega Kangaskhan, they really aren't too big a deal for me. With team of Heatran, Chesnaught, Greninja, Latias, MegaBlaziken and Gliscor, I win the greater majority of my battles regardless if whether Ubers or Megas are used.

    ...I will admit they went too far with Mega Kangaskhan, though. That thing has no counters and without burning it will flatten entire teams without priority moves. A team or that thing, Gale Wings Talonflame and Wash Rotom really gives me trouble...
    You could totally pull off a no-evolution game with Fenniken though! I did it with Froakie until I got to the Fairy Gym, which is like the 6th. And yes, Flabebe is on the third route! She's like the first of two fairies you see, along with Azurill, super early on. Talk about a bad *** in disguise too. Team Flare grunts become cannon fodder at one point and the plethora of Dark-types they carry make Floette's job easy. Of course if you want to run with Flabebe all the way through, that's going to be a challenge. CANNOT WAIT FOR AZ's Floette!!! Easily the most destructive fairy in the game, waiting to destroy everything in-game and in comp play.

    It's love/hate for the M-Evos, through and through among the fandom. I cannot stand Scizor's and Heracross's. For me, it just didn't need to happen. And I get what you mean by it's impact despite the initial shock. The developers are trying to keep things dynamic while still bringing back all us diehards with the Gen 1 nostalgia. Unfortunately, two Mewtwos and that Blaziken counteract that mechanic. :/ Blaziken was too Uber for Gen 5, and Mewtwo... When has Mewtwo never been an A1 threat?!
    Wailord and Flabebe?! I think you mean Wailord and Skitty, better yet, Hot Skitty on Wailord...Action! (Yeah, that was in fact three meta-memes/puns rolled into one sentence. You're welcome!)

    Brother, if I were you, I'd go for the challenge of Chespin. It has like one advantage for Gyms (E4 doesn't do it any favors either), and if that's what you like the most, do it! I picked Froakie, but you get better ones through Friend Safari. And Water FS's are easy to come by, especially since you have a 33% chance of exchanging codes with a person who has Frogadier (with Protean mind you) in theirs. The play through is a piece of cake no matter who you pick (seriously, there's over 450 Pokémon to chose from in either version), so don't pick Froakie just for it's stats.
    Yeah, haven't heard from you in a while. I basically fled this site for GameFAQs ever since XY came out. XD

    What have you been up to? Last I heard from you, you considered yourself an ex-fan of the Pogeymanz franchise. Is that still holding up true?
    For shame! Nah, XY are legit, but I have a feeling the "special version" installment's going to be THE ONE. There's so many freaking Pokémon at this point that it's nigh impossible to get them all without transferring a bunch or just grinding out evos, pre-evos, etc.

    What they need to make is another goddamn Pokémon Snap! I know I'm fighting a losing battle here, but at this point, how epic would a new Pokémon Snap be? 700+ freaking Pokémon to take one-time-perfect pictures of. My index finger hurts just thinking about it!
    O-O' Poké-naked? or Poke-naked? Neither one of those can be good!

    Dude, you got check this $hit out though! The entire INTERNET has been playing Red and Crystal for nearly a month now. There's memes EVERYWHERE! Basically, its a ROM uploaded onto Twitch.TV.com where all people in the room can enter a command and then the character moves and does whatever the aggregate commands are! Thousands of people controlling one player!

    TwitchPlaysPokemon Crystal Version
    Hey Storm, I'm addicted to this TwitchPlaysPokemon shenanigans right now. Still sad that the first run's over. Freaking unbelievable memes too! Surprised that more Serebii members aren't in on it.
    Hey man, haven't heard from you in forever. Then again, that can be attributed to me being gone off this site for a long time. XD

    ...I know you're trustworthy, so do you mind doing me a favor in XY if you have an Internet connection? I need help evolving something extremely precious.
    You friended The DragonKnight? What kind of meth did you buy? ahem, it will happen and the only way to make sure they don't exist is to accept Mawile's destiny.
    I haven't put it down! O_O
    My favorite MEga is a toss up between Mawile, Amphy and Banette. I can't decide which I prefer. ;-;
    What I do know is, it was an amazing game. And I can't wait to get to competitive play with these things.
    MegaMawile is too powerful.
    As for Sylveon, he's made his mark known as a fantastic Fairy-Type--his Level Up Movepool is fantastic. He's weaker than Togekiss, but Big Root/Fairy Aura/Draining Kiss is one hell of a mix. Now that Legendarys can be used in battles, Sylveon and Xerneas are going to be monsters together...but between you and me, Togekiss is the better Fairy. I love Sylveon regardless, because of all the controversy he's caused the fanbase worldwide--he's the mascot of Pokemon Amie, too.

    For some reason Game Freak didn't bother banning Legendarys in Random Matches or anything of that nature, but I'm betting that's because Mega Evolutions are a thing now--and can hold their own against Legendarys of all types BST-wise, including the XYZ guys. So far, MegaBlaziken and MegaGengar are used TO DEATH out here.
    As far as I've seen, there is no romance in this game whatsoever. I'm right before the last Badge in this game, but allow me to clarify what the confusion was about.

    Remember Shauna? Not too sure if you're up to that part yet, but at the mansion (forget its name XD) you and your MC are meant to watch fireworks together, regardless of what sex your character is (in broad daylight--Game Freak logic strikes again). If you're the guy, she makes a mention about never watching fireworks alone with a boy alone before, but if you're Serena she says something about hoping you both stay friends for a long time.

    Shauna spends the entire game adventuring just for the kick of it--but in her case, it's to make lasting memories. Both MCs are then told by her that she's glad to have shared that memory of the fireworks with them and that it'll be close to her heart...again, this is mentioned to BOTH sexes of the MC you play as.

    So yeah, unless Shauna's a lesbian, I doubt what she said was a blatant heartfelt reveal of anything. It only alludes to it; and that BS about Teirno/Trevor/Calem being Serena's boyfriend and taking each other out to picnics was laughably false. Still, it's going to cause a LOT of Shippings. XD
    I had to go with Froakie, of course. Greninja is one of the most badass starters since Charizard. From design to his movepool, I see this guy on almost every team in competitive play alongside Xerneas.

    So far, my team is Venusaur, Greninja, Blaziken, Sylveon, Gengar, and Togekiss (I had to pull some SERIOUS STRINGS to get Togepi this early--and Togekiss is a monster Fairy/Flying type now). I might swap Gengar out for Gardevoir sometime, since my team was SUPPOSED to be full of Fairy pokemon to commemorate its inclusion in our metagame.

    I cannot state enough how popular Xerneas is online. I've yet to see anyone running Yveltal yet, and if you fail to kill it before it uses Geomancy it's GG almost 90% of the time. Haven't gotten far enough in game to nab one of my own yet.

    I'd say go for it if you choose Serena (I have--her name is Verylin), but be aware since you "are" a girl you will have to sacrifice a bit o' masculinity on the dress-up scene (mascara/eyeliner, lipstick, purses, etc). Depending on gamers of either sex, this might be a turn off...I don't mind it too much, though.
    Hey. I don't know if you have XY yet or not, but these games were well worth the wait (caught a shiny Skiddo not even ten game hours in)...minus some frame rate issues during 3D mode battles, anyway. XD

    Definitely chose Serena to run around as, since Calem really doesn't look too interesting to me...
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