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  • ...Wow. You mentioned Vieras from FF12. That was my favorite FF of all TIME. (and no, that guy I was talking about was Wintendo, not you. XD)

    Above Felicia, the Viera were nothing more than fanservice with a fetish for forests. Sexy characters aren't a bad thing, but they didn't have to make it so painfully obvious they were based on playboy bunnies. I grew up in a house full of sisters and a mother, so playing that part in front of them was....especially hard on me. XD

    I assume you haven't checked out the other KH games because they can't stay on one freaking console, like Sonic. I've played 'em all to some degree, but KH2 was my favorite in the line (SCREW YOU XALDIN, I HAD MICKEY SAVE ME AND I STILL LOST!!! D:<)

    My least favorites were both Chain of Memories and that dreadfully-bad Re:Coded. At least the former had Marluxia, my favorite XIII member--but everything about Coded played like a budget title they made to shut up fans aching for a KH fix.

    But try out Birth by Sleep when ya get the chance. Next to KH2, that game was a bloody masterpiece. I'm in the process of playing through Dream Drop Distance, but to be honest I just loved BBS more and training/creating Dream Eaters is a pain in the arse...
    Hey, I'm not here to judge when it comes to furries and whatnot. But now that you bring him up... J.Talbain is an example of what I actually dislike about Darkstalkers. 60% of its roster is full of stereotypical ''Halloween monsters'' that resemble their source material too much to be called ''truly original''. At least at face value, of course. =\

    Take Demitri, BB Hood and Victor for example. If you swapped their names with Dracula, Red Riding Hood and Frankenstein respectively, you wouldn't know the immediate difference between them and their source material. Felicia is a huge exception, but she's so FREAKING ANNOYING I dislike her anyway. That, and she's sexualized to the point its borderline laughable (its like having your favorite ice cream smothered with toppings to the point its flooded the countertop).

    ...But on another topic, please tell me you mess around with Kingdom Hearts or Skyrim. I'm just dying to let off some personal experiences on those. XD
    Why, thank you. ^^ I do my best (though I mostly tend to stay away from arguments and whatnot). This forums are sadly full of, well, dicks, honestly. Douchey dicks, just like you said! ;)

    So yeah, thank you. When it comes to the New Type, I kinda have to~
    I also used to mess around with fakemon too, but that was way back when XD: Gale of Darkness was brand new. Yes, I invented a region with Light-Type Pokemon, though I dubbed it Shine Type. XD

    Its funny you mentioned a Ghost Eeveelution too, since I made one up too...except, admittedly, it wasn't anywhere as thought out as your version. In any case, I'm about 90% certain Sylveon is a new type at this point, and I'm glad to have a fellow believer in the idea too.

    ...If Fairy is real, I have a feeling they're going to rename it something else in other countries. I'll rofl-copting if they rename it Light Type! Imagine the egg on so many people's faces if they went that route...
    Sorry for being late. I had my bloody CPU in the shop, and so far these forums won't lemme log in with it. I'm on my Wii U typing until I get it straightened out.

    And to answer your Darkstalkers question...yeah, basically. It also has a ton of Mortal Kombat-like gore involved as well, and its both hilarious and pretty graphic for a 2D fighter. If Darkstalkers came out with a new game today, it'd easily be M-Rated--they'd NEVER get away with Jedah's controversial playstyle on a T-rating (He was to be in MvC3, but was cut for what can be boiled down to censorship reasons).

    I just want to reiterate how much I adore Jedah, despite that air of gore he has (He attacks by literally attacking with blood, and his main victory stance has him guillotine the opponent, opening his own chest to collect their soul). Call me dark or whatever, but Dohma is easily one of my favorite Capcom guys both for his design, story and boundary-breaking combat style! Just breathes originality to me.

    Lilith is also Morrigan's...er...lesser half, or something. Don't remember exact details, but she popped up when Morrigan had to be split in two for being too powerful. Lilith and Jedah are in cahoots as well.
    Haha, at this point if Sylveon is anything BUT Normal Type, it'd be a startling product of poor design for an Eeveelution. Last I checked, fans shouldn't be dissecting an Eeveelution just to find out its type because their whole gimmick is that they personify them! XD

    I can understand the type mystery behind legendarys, but this is the first time I'm aware of that they gave this much ''type attention'' to a non-legend. Like you, I was VERY skeptical at first, but after that type testing skit on Smash...I was sold. New type confirmed. If not, I will accept flames my way since I'm seen as ''the analyctic poster boy'' of Fairy Type on XY boards. =\

    Tch...why did they think your thread was a bad idea? I mean, you're far from the first homosexual guy out here or in gaming in general (I really hate using the word ''gay'', thanks to all those fools who twisted its meaning)-- there's at least another one out on that XY thread, though his name escapes me at the moment.

    Er, this is off topic, but do you mess around with Darkstalkers any? Lol, I'm literally spamming Lilith's theme typing this and just need someone with ''firsthand experience'' to talk me into giving it a shot. That, and Jedah Dohma is too much class for Capcom.
    Heh, that is a shame. That's why I don't bother making threads...the moment I officially completed White2's pokedex, all my desire to make threads, most of which centered on begging for pokemon and shinies, went totally dry.

    I don't know if you heard, but Pokemon XY is supposed to be the highlight of Nintendo's E3 event on June 11th: they're holding a huge 90-minute Q&A presentation over it, with Masuda and Pokemon Company's CEO heading the deal (forgot that dude's name XD). Its apparently behind closed doors though, but we all know discreet info always gets out somehow. WPM, anyone?

    All I know is that come June 11-15th, there's going to be two things gripping the XY boards: there's going to be a ton of ''LOL I TOLD YOU SO!!'' comments, and someone's going to end up with a ton of salt thrown on their faces. I just hope ''he'' won't be me, because I'm banking on Fairy Type hard--and I'll look 'hella stupid if it's proven false. XD
    ...It was about 7:00 PM when you dropped that post yesterday, so there's about a 6-7 hour difference between us. By the time I get off work, its already 8:00 or 9:00 at night in your area. No wonder our posts differ so wildly. >_<

    As for Conquest, its repetitiveness depends on your patience. Most non-storyline battles last 2-4 turns if you grind like you should, but ones involving actual warlords easily eat up 20 max. Turns goes by faster than actual poke battles, but doesn't nearly look as polished.

    The initial game's definitely on the easy side, but once you open up Two Heroes (basically New Game+ where Nobunaga FINALLY joins your party) all hell breaks loose. Enemies attack your bases twice as much and are essentially at their max power, legendary pokemon attacks, thieves taking off with your items you have to run down in dungeons, your nation's people sending you on guilt trips by asking for large sums o' money...whew.

    All this carnage is absent in your first playthrough, but to unlock that mode there's a catch. You have to beat the game (and lose all your pokemon and levels in the process), and must beat every character's side quest--and there's like 20 of them. I haven't even gotten through half of those yet, but that ''New Game+'' difficulty spike is still present in them all. I'd say go for it.
    Well, to be honest PokeConquest isn't for everyone. It was generally well received, but I doubt there'd be a sequel.

    The general artwork is amazing, but in game battles look kinda outdated. And as a strategy game, If you came to Conquest expecting action-packed mayhem and all the mainstream franchise's battle mechanics, you'd walk away disappointed.

    Conquest is like Conquest-- it can't be sized up with any other poke-spinoff, to date. I personally loved the hell outta it because it took two of my favorite things and blended them the best they could: Feudal Japan and Pokemon. Can't say it made me want to buy Samurai/Dynasty Warriors, though: I hear those games are awful. >_<''

    ...By the way, there seems to be a huge gap between our replies going. I'm in the USA, so I have no freakin' clue when's the right time to shoot posts your way...hehe.
    All my starters, in order of Generation, were Charmander, Cyndaquil, Treecko (didn't really enjoy Sceptile though), Piplup, and Oshawott. I've grown a thing for water starters, so Froakie's almost an instant match for me (unless it evolves into something slow-- I HATE LOW SPEED STARTERS). But that might change based on what their evos are like you said: I loved Snivy, but seriously hated Serperior for losin' all his limbs.

    I started in GSC thanks to my older bro (pretty hard to get games when your parent thought pokemon were of the Devil growing up =P) and Cyndaquil was my very first starter ever. I still have that working Silver Version hid in the garage somewhere.

    ...In my experience, Johto and Hoenn were my favorite regions, though Sinnoh is starting to get me nostalgic since it marked my ''return'' to pokemon games. And if it weren't obvious, I'm also a raging Pokemon Conquest fan-- I'd buy a sequel as badly as XY! Sorry for the huge post, but as always I'm wordy as usual. >XP

    I guess my level-headedness comes from the fact I'm one of the ''older'' pokemon gamers. Words on the net aren't the same as those in real life, and I kinda wish folks over in XY's thread realized that (Wintendo in particular, I honestly don't like the guy). Not that younger guys can't form boss opinions of course, but you catch my drift.

    I always ask this to folks out here, but what's your XY starter? Mine's Froakie. Someone's gotta rain on that massive Fennekin parade. XD
    Hey there! I totally thought your invite was an infraction from the mods for minimodding a couple times...but, er, let's not get into that.

    Thanks for the invite. I always find it nice when others take a notice to me/my posts, whichever prompted you to send it.
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