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  • Well, I greatly appreciate you not spoiling things for me. :)
    Aside from the story though, I've delved into some leaks. :3
    What's your favorite Mega you've seen so far?
    I can't wait to have all their stones just taking up space in my "bag".
    nnnnghn, I want to have lots of freetime so I can keep up with the peers on here, but that gosh darn school.
    hmmm GF are quite fond of their pseudo dragons, aren't they? A pseudo fairy would have been good... to be honest I want a pseudo bug... I really just want to be up to my neck in bug-types, but instead I am swimming in a pool of seemingly never-ending Vivillon morphs D:

    Heck, Clawitzer could have pulled off dragon type with that ferocious claw of his. Even if his typing may not be true to his potential, the design is certainly unique.

    Dragalge is just so cool I can forgive the hardship its species name gives me while I attempt to awkwardly pronounce it. Drag-drag-alGUE. Dragalje. Drag... algle? Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

    hahah yes and the event Kleftki would have specially designed sprites for those keys zomg.

    Yeah, Goomy's dot thingies were confirmed to blink at you, so I guess those are is eyes. I liked he green patches as eyes better - but they actually go all the way around. Serebii's images are really good - Helioptile has a full sun frill, and Carbrink looks a great deal cuter. I want to play the games so badly, but alas... I don't own a 3DS so I need to arrange something with a friend or two and even just buy the game. Hopefully they're not out of stock by the time I get there :p Regardless, college is getting even busier, so perhaps the set back is for the best.

    Still waiting for a Mega to show up I genuinely like enough to use...
    Hah, well, I haven't really spoiled anything as far as the gym leaders go, so I couldn't tell you. But of the four I do know, I like Korrina. She's just got a design I'd never think of seeing.
    How about yours? Haha, I'd assume you spoiled yourself.
    Yes, I plan to take the enjoyment slowly.

    Why is Goodra's pseudo slug status bothersome? The only thing that bothers me immensely is its evolution level (really, it's such a turn off to using the pokemon) and just a wee bit that it didn't take to resembling a slug dragon. I do, however, adore terrestrial mollusks... so I very much want to embrace it.

    I don't mind so much that the clawster is pure water-type. I don't like the evolution's design as much as I like Clauncher, sadly. But that Skrelp truly surpassed my expectations. I want it to be able to fly somehow so I can imagine myself riding upon it into the clouds :U

    Kelfki's black key uncannily resembles what I use for my bike lock xD the little buggar. Ugh if only they did a Spinda thing where Kelfki had different keys to show off. Methinks they could pull off an event Klefki for that though.

    omgosh Honedge appeals to the LoZ fan inside me. I must get a female Honedge and name her Fi.

    My friend and I were catching lizards in the garden. It's so hot. I hate heat. I have homework to do. I just want to play XY, and draw Goomy. -sardonic rant-
    I don't have a 3DS, but my friend does, and we plan to share. That will help me play the game in moderation, hahah.

    Goomy took a Puff the Magic Dragon route, but I like it:
    Skrelp's evolution is beyond amazing.
    Clauncher's concept is cool but the lack of his own set of antennae makes me sad xD

    I am falling more and more in love with Greninja, so he'll be my buddy. After we set off, I must catch Fletchling and later Skrelp (I guess I have to go with Y version? :/ ) and other members I am strongly considering are Orotto and Honedge.

    I'm not going to warm up to Slurpuff and the Diva. Diggersby. They're just... ugh I don't even. I think Ralts is the fairy for me.
    Why, 'cause you don't have access to the console?

    Chespin really did turn around for me! He reminds me of one of those ancient guardian robots from "Castle in the Sky." I think my favorite is Greninja, and I'll definitely take him along but now I want to give Chespin a chance. :)

    It's such a shame that Spritzee and Swirlix were a disappointment in the end... I am afraid I have no faith reserved for the unknown pokemon yet, though the slug interests me and I can't imagine something could go wrong with Skrelp/Clauncher but... oh I am lowering my expectation just in case. :/
    Nah, just cycles of loud talking followed by a ruckus of laughter. Since school has started, and a lot of us have early-morning classes, the nights have tamed down by a lot.

    For once it would be interesting if we got a generation with pokemon exclusively based on the region, then perhaps we'd get our gargoyle but at the same time... we'd miss out on Skrelp and Litleo among many others.

    While I enjoy the separate (adorable) sword units, an evolution that beautifully blends them together could be really cool.

    Oh boy, XY is almost upon us, my friend.
    Mmmmm I am optimistic for a good year! Now that we have class tomorrow, I might get some peace tonight (I will parenthetically add that the other people have been ridiculously loud and talkative each night, and the walls are thin .____. ).

    Ahhh yes, I see your points. Guess I previously just needed little stubby wings slapped onto him or something. Maybe one day we'll get a rock/dragon gargoyle...

    -browses through Lana del ray pictures- she's not scary-looking! Though in some of these she eyes you with a hungry look.

    hahah I think Duoblade is cute. We wants its; we needs its. How do you like it?
    No worries. Froakie is 100% defo my starter and Swirlix and Amaura are 99%. The rest is open but I would like about 20 more lines on there!!! Too hard. It will probably depend on what I find first.
    Howdy :)

    I liked Honedge but lately I felt like it fell of the face of the earth and kinda forgot it excited but this evo has made me remember it and love it even more. Yes it's not an animal but idc. It's awesome, but annoying coz it makes my team even more difficult to predict XD
    Really?! Poor Pokémon. *googles Stunfisk* No one is safe. D:

    Isn't Ancient Power Phycical, though? But yes, we do. Can't Think of one, though..
    It's not tentacles. It's hands. :3 Much differend (?!?)

    Hehe, I am glad for that, then. XD

    That is true. Would actually look neat. Can't wait, I hope it's not shown Before release. XD And yes, well, Ice/Rock would be neat, but Amoura and those are already that Typing. ^^
    Wow. See? Good ideas already! :D

    Well that's great. ^^ So I guess you rarely get visitors?

    Ditto. Maybe it gains a shield. Or, maybe there's a Shield counterpart Pokémon. That would be glorious. It could be Ghost/Ice (Ice shield), hehe.
    Terrible? Yes. But Think of the possibilities!

    That is very kind of you, thank you. ^^ And you are very welcome, of course.

    Doublade will totally be in my team. But hopefully it evolves again. It is awesome, but it does look a Little unfinished. :3
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