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  • Enjoy the nightmares, my friend. *slowly backs into the shadows*

    Also, hello Storm. Since you are one of the more rare people that makes sense, I thought I'd stop by to say hi.

    Sorry about the late reply; I moved into college this weekend and there's been a lot going on.

    Tyrantrum's typing is a bit curious because I've never thought of T-rex as being that draconic... and I don't see really any features which would help support dragon typing but ah well. He's sure fierce, though. I love the feather beard.
    I think I will be fine with just one fossil per playthrough; there are so many other pokemon to try out, after all... I look forward to whatever bug types they introduce this gen. :)

    hahah sometimes, when I download a new song, it's all I ever want to listen to for a few days.

    This was a lackluster reply, my apologies. My brain is fatigued.
    Oh! I have seen the Japanese cotton monster in other media; I did not know it had a name, and a background even. Yes, I see a potential inspiration behind Swirlix with it being able to float and be monster-like. I doubt it would evolve to physically resemble the ittan-momen, but if it did, it would ""fly through the air at night" and "attack humans, often by wrapping around their faces to smotherAHEM LICK them."

    The ittan-momen could become Mega Chimecho's revenge.

    Icing sugar and fairy/ice, that's creative! It looks to me like it will remain fairy, though... perhaps becoming a fluffy cloud-like animal of some sort. Fairy/flying is more plausible in this sense, actually.

    I want Spritzee to become a lot like Xatu in stature, and fights with a cane. Its round body form is reminiscent of Natu after all... hahah someone on the design team really wanted a plague doctor reference in pokemon somehow, and has a good sense of humor.

    Amaura's evo is HU-- relatively large in respect to a lot of pokemon :) Ugh the fossils are so great, every time I see them I must pause to admire. I don't know who I will choose!

    Fire/water on Clauncher would be fine, as long as it doesn't turn into a boiling engine or something.

    "You are the fungus to my Paras." Nope, I've never listened to her stuff before. Currently browsing some of her work for anything familiar....... BLUE JEANS. Yes, I've heard this song on the radio.
    Here is that post from Firebrand that I mentioned that rationalized the conceptual bases of Xerneas and Yveltal as being Cernunnos/the Dagda and the Morrigan, respectively: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?594366-Legendaries-Speculation-Discussion-Thread&p=16330983#post16330983

    Exactly, like a Taijitu. And also appropriately, I find Kyurem to be noticeably devoid of any significant masculine/feminine tones. It is more or less just a frozen, decaying, gray dragon. However, when it merges with Reshiram and Zekrom, it seems to take on some their respective sexual characteristics (but not all of them, which I assume is due to the imbalance caused by having only one aspect present, making things go all haywire). Black Kyurem is muscular and rigid, whereas White Kyurem is softer, more elegant, and has a significantly more curved figure. Although those dichotomies in appearance probably were intended. :P

    I like the idea of Ho-Oh relating to parthenogenesis, even in a solely metaphorical sense if not a literal one, as it only requires itself to be reborn.

    However, I am unfamiliar with the concept of an "I Ching element." What is that?

    Couldn't have said it better. And I wouldn't worry; all the kids are licking Froakie these days. :P Compared to that, Palpitoad is harmless.
    I'll try to dig it up if I can; it is a very well-thought out connection.

    Hm, I suppose it kind of does. That's interesting, and the duality of it reminds me of what I'm about to touch upon regarding Reshiram and Zekrom.

    I don't know for sure about the Fenghuang either, but I do see Ho-Oh as being more feminine and Lugia as being more masculine.

    With Reshiram, you're right in that the tuft between its legs seems vaguely suggestive of a phallus, which is actually very fitting since Reshiram, despite being representative of yang, exhibits mostly feminine traits. Having that degree of masculinity within its design reflects on the nature of yin and yang in that they complement each other and are never without their opposite. Reshiram is both masculine and feminine at the same time. And Zekrom is the same way. It represents yin, which is feminine, but exhibits masculine traits. However, unlike Reshiram's tuft, Zekrom lacks any protrusion in that area and is instead round and smoothed-over which, to me, is more suggestive of a female. But while I do find such phallic symbolism to be artistically and conceptually brilliant with regards to Reshiram and Zekrom's yin-yang motif, I entirely doubt that it was done on purpose considering the franchise's target demographic.
    Oh, Swirlix... will it make me sticky if I hug it? I like that its design was inspired from the Australian term 'fairy floss' for cotton candy. :) Makes me wonder if its evolution will be derived from some other sort of confectionery goodness with the term "fairy" hahah. I wonder if Spritzee's beak will become more apparent as a mask when it evolves; I like Spritzee, as I am partial to birds and to all the queer stuff that went down in the Dark Ages.

    I like Charry and Bulba well enough, but sadly they were part of my least favorite starter crew... it's sad that my Froaksters couldn't start out with his buddy Treecko, but maybe the other two Hoenn starters will become available as DLC later on with their evo's Megamon forms.

    The fossils' evolutions have me so excited! And Skrelp/Clauncher; it's a shame we haven't received their evolutions yet D:
    Not wanting to go off-topic (oh hey a Firewing Pegasus), I'll leave this here:

    Due to Firebrand's hypothesis about Xerneas and Yveltal being based on the Dagda and the Morrigan from Celtic mythology, I too associate Xerneas with masculinity (the antlers support this impression) and Yveltal with femininity (again with the "feminine counterpart in Y" thing :p). Even though Legendary Pokémon are usually genderless, I always assign genders to them in my head, though I don't always follow a "one male, one female" pattern.

    Following up on the Mega Mewtwo Y "chest ridge" discussion, I'm reminded of how I actually see slight and, might I say, rather brilliantly-fitting phallic imagery in the designs of Reshiram and Zekrom, although I am sure that this was not a conscious decision on Game Freak's part.
    I'm having trouble finding them. I think i know where one is (on the Pokemon TV site on Pokemon.com) but I don't know where it is supposed to show up lol
    In order for us to win, we have to put the codes in and we get entered for the sweepstakes, but they pick randomly.
    The Mega Garchomps lurking in peoples' avatars and signatures and Serebii's tweet side page are freaking me out. I don't feel safe perusing the site anymore. The thought of those scythes dripped in blood, and its little jaws wiggling up and down in a menacing cackle, squinting its eyes in delight...

    I'm not a big fan of the Kanto starters, anyway, and setting off with two starters is rather odd, yep. I might think differently if they were the Hoenn starters, hahah, but all the same - I want to try out as many new pokemon for my first run with maybe one or two favorite oldies.
    Might as well give the Mega a go, if only for the new experience! I mean, it could feel exhilarating watching your kind-hearted Garchomp Megafy into Jack Nicholson from "The Shining."

    I would love to see the ice dino develop a sail on its back... an aurora sail. That would be so pretty...
    I am not sure if it can target itself. I wonder how it could that strategy....
    And yes, chicken=good. Infernape=not.
    Topsy-Turvy reverses all stat changes on its target. So in double battles, it can be utilized to invert stat drops on the partnering pokemon. Of course it can also be very detrimental to its enemies. Like if something takes all the time for 3 SD's, then one Topsy-Turvy, and suddenly it has -5 attack, along with basically wasting three turns.
    But yes, Blaziken is that good. And Infernape is that bad.
    Colonel Blaziken, in charge of the fire starter division of the starter army. :p
    And I would say that a BST like that would work for Malamar. I am unsure, but I saw a video where a Noivern used draco meteor, and then Malamar used Topsy-Turvy on it, so it got +2 special attack. (it was a double battle).
    I also agree that Infernape was the worst of the gen IV starters.
    Chicken FTW :p
    That sounds like a good name for a dark type move (especially since Foul Play's power is deceiving. I have tested it, and typically Crunch is better). Octozooka seems like it would fit as well.
    And yes, ALL the Empoleon!
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