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  • having trouble thinking of a post for silph co? I can bunny for you if you really need me to. I think Billy Mays is waiting for you to call your pokemon together before heading to lunch. I'm just guessing.
    poke poke? I need your response as I can't exactly bunny your character in silph co rpg. I also think that Billy May's character catches Kate, he'll be waiting on you.
    btw, in the silph co rpg, I don't really mind how you capture me. I thought about doing a small battle, but that's completely up to you. If you do plan on a battle (to capture my character) run by me the plan. More likely than not, I probably will approve it either way.
    Good luck on exams, mine were two weeks ago so I've been enjoying summer :) Anyways, it will take a week or so because I have been suffering from depression, I've been doing my best to work on it.
    Its fine and I have been working on a different RP because the one I was gonna have you in failed epicly. Anyways this new one I am working on won't need a co-GM because there will be only five characters in it all together, I'm going to work on it whenever I can pull through the depression that fell on me recently.
    Not much on my end though I've hit a rather annoying snag called "Zero Creativity Syndrome." Ever since I took time off from work a few weeks ago to study, I've had very little desire to actually think of anything to post for Nigh, or my character for Dark Secrets, or even work on my fic. Maybe I should try the "stare at the screen approach" to break it.

    So how were your tests?
    Nigh ruin has kind of hit its end. Sabi said she would probably consider a sequel, but we'll see.

    And yeah, I've been wanting a name change for a while. Decided to go with something non-Pokemon, since eh, I've had Pokemon-related usernames for a long while and the problem is if you get tired of that one Pokemon, you're still stuck with the name...
    Wait, how would people think it was the DS Organization that used the Nuclear Bomb, it was announced all over television it was Hoemn?
    Do you have any idea when your next post for Broken Sun will be? I've been waiting on your post and if you have lost interest in the RPG or anything, please tell me so that I can move Kraxel moving along onto other things other than the fortress in the north,.
    That's still no excuse to godmod.....

    If I godmoded every time I had to catch up, ENDoG would be defeated in like 5 posts. There is *almost* never an excuse to godmod. You asked everybody if you went too far, and I answered. Sabi didn't call you on it, so maybe I should say nevermind. I was just trying to help, since you did ask.
    Psst, you did go too far in one post. Jared just did what's called "instant teleportation" which is highly frowned upon. Almost all travel should have a leaving, in transit, and arrival post. There are some exceptions, in the case that places are 10 minutes walk away. or the routes are short. You just went from one region to another in one post....
    Alright, thanks, I have the post typed and everything, I just don't want to post again so soon, after someone else posts or tomorrow mine will be up.
    Its all good, sorry about that long delay, just been handling some life issues and slight depression, I'm back now though.
    I'm recovering, slowly but surely. Writing up my post as we speak. As for Simon, there's nothing strange about him being in contact with other Fallen, but owing to his nature, he's not exactly the most cooperative or easy person to get along with, since the other Fallen would either fear him from all the power he has, or look down on him for being so childlike and (relatively) innocent.
    Thanks. I'm kind of waiting for Necros, but if he doesn't post by Wednesday, I'm just going to keep going. One RPer waiting on another usually causes the whole thing to die, so I don't want to have that happen.

    Besides that, I got sucked into Eden Eternal, and it's devouring a lot of my free time. XP
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