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  • The grand finale of Scarwell, at least in the terms of Kraxel's half is coming up in the next post, Kraxel will most likely lose the battle with his fallen and will runaway to fight another day, in which case I will leave the rest of the men I command to deal with Zoroki, Zoroki will just end up leaving and going back to Minacen, at least, that is what I have in mind.
    heyy sorry for the delay, ill get a post up soon, I was writing a fight scene in which Kraxel's fallen has four doombringer tanks (they are introduced from Neo Pickachu) attack the marketplace in which Kraxel and a group of soldiers are going to destroy, ill have the post up in a little bit
    I am going to start teh invasion at the end of my next post, probably have it go on for a post or two, good battles arent summarized within one post.
    Very ironic, Tariq and Kraxel dont very get along in life but are friends and death XD, also, for the battle, are we going to cordinate it together or what? That way it is in sync. I was thinking that Kraxel fallen would send in the Infernal Scourge with flying units to weaken defenses while we fight back, and then the more powerful units after his pawns are killed, and towards the end of the battle, he will make his appearance and come directly after Kraxel.
    So is Tariq's and Kraxel's fallen both going to be at the battle of Scarwell? I was thinking Kraxel's fallen would be leading the main invading force of Minacen.
    Is there anyone from your order that may have escaped Minacen that would seek Zix out? Also, if I'd known that part of Tariq's order was there, I would have most likely have mentioned them.
    sorry it isnt going atm, i wouldve closed it but i subscribed and it never showed up when some1 posted.
    i may re open this saturday, if so ill vm you k?
    Oh yeah, especially a Seer. Heck, with one Seer, they could force that Seer to locate the others.

    Without a doubt, yes, the Abyss would have good reasons to take prisoners. Even if it's just for slow, sadistic torture and their personal pleasure.
    The RP is ready.

    It's called Broken Sun, and you RP a Pokemon in this one. Essentially, you're a special Seer Pokemon caught between the war of Pokemon Hell versus Pokemon Heaven and the living, only said Heaven (Utopia in the storyline) is blocked off. However, the Abyss (the Hell version) is defiling world after world and is tormenting the living. But unlike the others, you know and can learn secrets to stopping them, but they're after you because of that.

    Sound good?
    Not sure, just seems like a lot of people have given up on it. Not really sure what the problem with it is, but if it's slowing down this early, eh, I think it might be time to move onto something else.

    I'm working on another RP at the moment. Maybe I'll just focus on that one rather than break a sweat with an RP that just doesn't seem to be taking off.
    They're the witches and warlocks that caused the Violet Eclipse in the first place. They walked among humans disguised as them, but they really consist of non-human entities such as demons, vampires, fallen angels, and the like.
    Don't worry about it, school's more important. If you want to wait until exams are over, I'm totally fine with that and I understand.

    Good luck on your exams and all the best.
    Yeah, I'm thinking my next post in Chimera should just be the epilogue, and we leave it at that. It had a good run, but I think now's the time to finish it up.
    Yeah, let's meet in RP. It was at the mall. As for the time of day, it's pretty random. So many rules of reality have been butchered.
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