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  • Whats happening? I came back from Hiatus a few days back. The spoiler section has gotten really stale. What are you doing these days? Haven't seen you posting for a while.
    I guess you don't use a spin blocker. Same with me. Actually I have never used a Ghost type ever except for my current wall team. I am using Spiritomb but its not working out well. I am using it as a Curse inflicter and never tried spin blocking mostly because its low defenses and lack of levitate.

    The main problem I have with Volcarona is when people send it out just when they notice I am gonna use SR and then I am screwed. Nowadyas I am sing Gyarados to fix that.

    One other Pokemon I seriously despise is Ferro. I mean whenever it comes out I get a feeling that I am ruined unless I am using a Sun Team. And Sun Teams and already struggling against Sand and Water team.
    I would have to say Breloom. That thing is annoying as hell mostly because of spore and its really a pain when you are not usually a Pokemon with Taunt.

    Volcarona can be annoying if you haven't set up. Stealth Rock+Roar is something that kills it before it quiver dances its way to perfect sweep.
    So did you liked the team changes shown in the new ending? I liked it all and I can perfectly see what they are trying to do now.

    Do you play competitively? Which Pokemon annoys you the most?
    Not at all. You're definitely one of the most enjoyable members. Also, for the record, I thought of your name before I saw that you voted for me. :p Thank you for that.

    I did! I hope you did, too!

    I sort of get that inclination. I mean, when a section is left with the members that remained (playerking, pepsi, 1tchwhateverthehellryan, etc.), I feel like it's a recipe for... not good things. I mean, it hasn't changed in the repetitive speculation (like X Pokemon being caught in the newest episode, Ash will catch a god-damned Cubchoo, etc.), but I feel like it has lost its... flair, if that's the right word.

    What specifically makes you say that? Maybe there's more obvious evidence of the nosedive that I haven't seen yet.
    Lol, and here I thought I had problems juggling living with my girlfriend and 'forumlife'! :p

    Hmm.. I kinda feel the same way, there are these two parters that they've been hyping a lot, but whatever they pull, the build up that they did is just not gonna pay, since we know that it's just another TR scheme.. With the TR/TP-twoparter, we knew that it was going to be constructive for the series, which made it exciting.. The Subway2parter gave us Tepig's Flamethrower, but otherwise completely irrelevent afterwards, same with the upcoming Kami-two parter..Yay, but I'd rather see something that develops the series, not just momentary hypes.. with fanfavorite minor characters, or legendaries..

    Why they are shifting them around? All I could think about is that some of the episodes might've had references to Team Plasma and they had to have a few weeks more time to edit them out.. Such a shame that the series is totally botched up and that they don't have the nerve to admit it.
    Darn.. Well, thanks anyway! :D

    How've you been lately? Still in touch with the animé? I'm still kinda hanging on, but upset by how the company's treating it. Considering they choose to switch the order of episodes at their whim.. (recent Oak'sLiveCasters showed that the Deino to Kami episodes should've aired before the Maractus episode originally). Makes you wonder about other episodes that could've been taken out of order.

    So, uhm, yeah, still liking most of the action scenes though. Not the pace, it's too quick.. Apparantly, we would've originally had three episodes between Ash's gym battle in Nimbasa and the debut of Clay:

    - Nimbasa Gym Battle
    - Subway Battle
    - Alder Battle
    - Deino episode
    - Accelgor episode <- Debut of Clay..

    Considering that Ash fought three major characters in those three episodes, it kinda makes you think that this pace is just too much..


    I was just wondering, and maybe this is totally off or something, but do you have a HG Kyogre for a tradeback? I'm trying to get the Jade Orb in Soulsilver, and I'd rather do a tradeback with someone I trust then a random tradeforum'er..

    Cheers! :D
    Yeah, thank you for that, I do really enjoy writing, and I hope to enjoy my time here. Don't worry, I don't at all feel bullied, if I did I'd probably have responded defensively =3.
    I really do like to learn other people's views, I think it's the best way to develop human understanding, and so I must say I did love this interaction <3

    I hope to meet many more like you =D
    Oh that's exciting! I wish you the best!

    I wonder why I never had to sacrifice Serebii for college. Maybe I'm just a bad student...
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