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  • I actually had a feeling you meant Australia and I thought not much people would know about K.I., should have gone with my instincts. Oh well.

    Haha, sounds like a good name.
    Yeah, thanks for the advice. I'll look into getting a job, even if it isn't important.

    What I mean is, in Australia, there's an Island called Kangaroo Island, or K.I. as some people call it, but I don't live there, I live in a state, close to K.I.
    Sounds like fun. I hope you do well in your university.

    Well I'm in year 11, only 9 more weeks or so until I'm done with year 11, then after our exams, we have 1 week of year 12 to get prepared. And year 12 is shorter than this year, so that's good, but it'll be harder. But If I want to make it in the acting industry, I have to keep up with the work I put in. Then I might go to a university, If I can get into one. :S

    And I don't live on Kangaroo island, I live in a state.
    Yeah, that's true. I even told Sushi that it was best to close it before lots of people rant on about it being true or not.

    Well, in a way yes, I just thought that with every new bit of information people get here, whether it is fake, real or means nothing, they post it straight away, because, well, why wait when it could be true? I felt like posting it, because I partly believed it under the circumstances and in a way, if some newbie posted it, he/she probably wouldn't have said anything about it being wrong, so that it shouldn't be closed.

    But, in retrospect, I probably should have waited for more evidence.
    I know :p And you're right in a way. If it becomes a huge problem, we'll definitely have to tighten the reins, but with trolls getting infractions anyway and only very few people putting up fake titles by accident right now, it should be okay.

    Haha :D Actually, it's been somewhat quiet lately! [/trollinvitation]
    Didn't the Ganger Doctor dissipate in The Almost People?

    I just checked, he did, but the Doctor said to him, "Your molecular memory can survive this, you know - it may not be the end." Interesting.
    Yeah, the Melody/River plot was kind of predictable, but we still don't know who she is to the Doctor. The astronaut plot's interesting too. I wonder how he's gonna get out of that, and who's in the suit. Here's a funny GIF:

    Yes! I'm interested to see how River comes along into everything and how she manages to end up in the 1930s. It's on in two days!
    I saw you messages on Sushi's page.

    The reason I suspected it could be true, even with some doubts, is because the same user posted 2 true titles from 2ch in Diamond and Pearl. So the same thing could have happened.

    But, he Private Messaged me and he said that the rumor vanished pretty fast. So yes, there is no real need for it to be pursued. Unless on the off chance that it somehow reappears.
    Indeed. Thank you so much! It sucks that you're leaving too. You've always been so considerate and thoughtful as a poster here. You'll be missed as well.

    Whenever I stop in to say hi, I'll try to leave a message on your VM every once in a while. :) Good luck to you too!
    Most of the time, I give people the chance to PM me the source so I can un-lock the thread later, like in this case. Just like posting in the wrong section or a thread that's already covered by the FAQs/Banned Topics/Single Anime Questions (we have those en masse), it's not really an "infraction offense" unless you do it constantly.

    However, so far it's always been trolls who were known for making fake titles themselves (not even getting them from elsewhere, which'd give them the benefit of the doubt that they believed it was real), so I infracted those.

    Modding isn't too bad on my end, fortunately ^^" Then again, I'm one of the few who's only in charge of one section, so I suppose I can't talk :D
    Well, it is generally not tolerated. The rules dictate: Don't post info without sources, which by implication means that threads that don't provide sources are against the rules ^^"
    Yeah I do think he is a troll, I even decided to treat him as troll yesterday, I do think the also believes in some of the BS he says, like the Iris powers comes out of nowhere, etc, he bashed Hikari hard during DP and now he stopped haha.

    Like I said its sad that he comes here everyday to troll kids, he must absolutelly no life to do this for years like he has been done since the end Hoenn.

    I had him on ignore list in the end of DP, I just could bother with him and Hikari fanboys arguing all the time, then he started making flamethread after flamethread like he is doing now with BW and we ended up seeing the thread anyway, even if we are ignoring him, plus people always take his bait and quote him so yeah I end up seeing most of his posts if I have him on ignore list so I just quitted having him on ignore list, I just report him but the mods don't give a **** about it, seems like they are tthe only ones that don't detect the trolling.

    Meh not doing much, spent the night awake watching UFC fights(Martial arts) and some anime lol, now I'm kinda of a zombie trying to stay awake till after dinner atleast(5pm here I dine at 8:15/8:30pm) since I have to get my sleep right for next week, got a job interview lol or rather a job proposal I'm going to see what it is and you?
    Haha, he migth actually butthurt about it, Haruka leaving was what started his troll/idiotic phase.

    I still have doubts sometimes if he is actually that dumb or a troll, I assume he is trolling but I might be fooling myself.
    I know. This reminds me of the Anime Spoilers section. IT'S LIKE CRACK!
    (This sentence is a reference to streetlightdsb's signature)
    NOW they can't hurt ..... right?
    Sorry, when I said that phrase, I was considering the said phrase as a slight reference to yours.

    References can't hurt..... right?
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