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  • This place really isn't that horrible, you're right. I think what can make the forum seem so annoying is Anime Spoilers, really. And General Pokemon discussion.

    I know. Dattebayo, annoying as he was, always had this odd aura of innocence. Odd because it was negative and misguided, but overall he seemed to not be harmful. I am still not fully convinced that the person that posted "My Confession" was completely Dattebayo. I kind of know it's true, but it's hard to wrap my mind around the idea.

    His firm belief that abortion should be the human race's form of population control still sticks with me as one of his odd ideas that he never let go.

    The thing is, in "My Confession," he went on for a while about how he didn't want to be banned from Serebii and was "confessing" his affiliation out of guilt and hope that he could remain here. It all sounds so sincere--and like him--that if it really was him that was posting, I don't think he'd be trolling. Unless his entire air of innocence and impressionability and everything we think he is is just a big trollface.

    I agree. If he's serious, then he really fell into a rut. His impressionability threw him into a position where he had to leave the place he really seemed to enjoy. Though I don't necessarily feel that sorry for him, because of things like using autism as a crutch for his behavior and his overall stubbornness. And if he's not serious, then he should be an actor as well. Which is essentially the same thing as a politician, but less serious.
    Haha love your sig, same thing as me, I tried to stop posting but this is addicting.

    I don't get in drama anymore though, atleast I'm free of that :D.
    I know! The anime is too interesting to me to override my disdain for some of those in Spoilers. We do have some good posters to outweigh the bad ones as well. I consider you to be among some of the best ones. You're so considerate and reasonable where people like me are sometimes more brash.

    Yup. (This may sound weird, I'm not intending to talk about Elekible-Kid, only because Sushi asked me nicely not to. That disclaimer was a literal one, in case he was reading.)

    Yeah! That was the most surprising thing ever. gyaradosuseddragonrage! compared it to a school shooting. The boy was "bullied" and finally wanted to get back at everyone in a way that would make him feel powerful and would damage a community.

    After thinking on it, though, it kind of makes sense. Datte's always had the weirdest ideas about everything. Be it Pokemon (and letting Smogon think for him) or his fetish for female characters' feet manifesting in strange ways or his conclusion that abortion should be a solution to overpopulation of the human race, he always had these oddball ideas. After all of this, he just seems all the more... mentally unstable, though I'm not sure if that's really the best word to use.

    What's worse is that most of the alleged cyberbullying was simple disagreements. This seems to be a trend People telling him that he should think for himself, for the most part. If he took that as being bullied and went off the deep end with that, then it's kind of unsettling to think what he would have done had he been a victim of real cyberbullying, only because he's apparently suicidal due to the current "abuse." (Unless he really was a victim, just not at Serebii.)
    I'm sorry, I read it like that until I made the post thanking you about the information. I wrote streetlightbulb and then read carefully and realized that wasn't your username. I felt really stupid.
    I've been wondering the same thing as of late. Not just about him, but about... well, a number of people.

    I suppose maybe I have changed. I dunno. I guess I just don't really care anymore what others think. I mean, I do care--I care about my reputation--but at the same time, I no longer feel any urge to hold back if I have something to say. I'm in a weird transitional period of thinking where I care about the opinions of random forum-goers, and where I could care less if a random forum-goer disagrees. I suppose the only opinions I do value at this point are those of members like you, Snowyarticuno, Profesco, Sushi, BCVM, etc. These childish vendettas are just nuisances.
    Not liking the tournament? I'm loving it right now, the first episode was amazing and the twists that we are getting that none was expecting are making it a lot more fun.

    Yes I haven't posted because of that, either people being immature or fanboys, my main reason was because of one person that basicly has been talking crap about Best Wishes for a while said something about the tournament, the writers proved the person wrong and it did a 360 turn around and acted like what that person wanted, wasn't what the writers did and start whining about the complete oposite haha.

    The tournament thread right now makes me want to say very, very, very bad things to some people every 3 posts or so, that is also why I just decided to move away from drama and serious discussion, just commenting now :D.

    I'm saying that person because I don't want to say names either, so drama doesn't happen.
    Yeah, I stopped discussing things now, I am kinda talking in visitors pages,etc.

    I won't bother getting in any more drama anymore over stupid stuff, just coming to the forum to comment on new info and post new info if I have anything.

    Its really silly land right now :p.
    Haha, Waterpokes keep saying Pidove was stronger than Tranquill haha, do it like the rest of the forum ignore that, what an idiotic thing to say, on par with the Torterra is weaker then Turtwig stuff.

    Ok maybe worse.
    Maybe, I don't know. I've felt less angry and I've had less fights with him since I blocked him. I think it's for the best, I am quite sick of fighting. If I could have utter peace, that would be great. I know I get arrogant and annoying sometimes, it's just a part of who I am.
    Yeah I tend to give use to it, lol, I had Cybercubed there for a while I don't have him right now, I just report his flamebaiting, everything he does is flamebaiting weak minded Hikari/Kasumi fans and not predict one thing right in the anime, he must be pretty down with himself to come to forums just to do that.

    Do I mention my ignore list that much? I just feel I get warnings due to in this forums you can't be to harsh on people who said stuff so idiotic that I can't even find reasons in my mind to understand why they say such things and they don't get for constantly saying stupid stuff and being general annoyance in the forum, so if I can't do anything about it, I can atleast ignore them :p.

    The person I just ignored yesterday was just so I wouldn't be rude, the person was bashing everything and giving no reasons to do so, after I tried to talk that person to reason for the last weeks since the Palpitoad episode I believe, I just am about the peak of my patience and I just ignored the person for 1/2 weeks, ill remove it from there and see if the "behaviour" has improved, even though I doubt it.
    I'm not exactly sure where I'll be in Summer 2012, but there will most likely be one. I can't say for sure though.

    What course do you want to do?
    The funny thing about my ignore list is that it actually makes sense "forum wise", since most of them have been banned/suspended, I think they don't even post anymore since Hikari left the show.
    Haha why? did you get my comment of the I'm out of patience and for who it was?

    Anyway, I've got a lot of Hikari fanboys from DP, those that were just acting stupid like Teshub, people that don't usually accept a critic and start insulting, I don't mean be harsh on people because they are being stupid, just insulting out of nowhere.

    12, not that many like I said its just mostly haters(of the show) or annoying fans that don't use reason.

    I also put some people usually on a "suspension" I keep them in my ignore list for a week or so, I'm currently doing that to the person who I said I'm out of patience to see their posts.

    I don't put a person on ignore just because I disagree with them, 0 of them are there for that reason and you do you use it frequently? lol

    I would kinda want to get some kind of add in the forum that would tell me, that person has blocked you don't answer them, or atleast that doesn't show quoted posts, every time I see a Maxim post I just feel like humanity is lost with the amount of stupidity he spouts in each post, I don't even know how it is possible.
    Nope. I get the feeling playerking will just keep me blocked.

    As annoying as it is when I want to quote him about anything in one of his posts, or as much as I want to tell him to stop copying Dax and The 4th KIRA's posting of gifs, I overall am not really bothered by it if he isn't insulting me or talking about me at the same time.
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