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  • Hey thanks! I'm thinking of doing song related sigs for the Hoenn gymleaders, they'll probably relate to old songs or Evergreens, since I'm most comfortable in those genres, and at least I know that people would get the joke :). The ranting on the Kanto and Johto gymleaders was fun, but it does get old to see it for about 50 a 60 posts... or so.. before I get a new rank.. With songs it reminds me of the actual song, and I like them songs most of the time so it isn't that bad.

    Yeah i was thinking same thing about the description but we won't know till it happens, I'd love to see an Ash V Paul final where it's a battle of beliefs on one of the grandest stages, it shows how the person who Paul thought was weak and worthless at the beginning getting to a final and being his adversary, the most sweetest feeling would be Ash beating him in the final.... I'd love to see Pikachu do the winning move but I think if Ash beats Paul.... it's going to be Infernape.

    Thing I am annoyed about though is the thought of Paul possibly winning, if he did it would show a bad moral technically saying Harshness and Cruelty prevails over compassion and kindness and since this is a Kids show technically it wouldn't look good.

    Still anxious to see if Ash wins this thing but I still have my doubts
    Hmm your theory does show some logic but In Pokemon they don't really care about wrapping up such things like We've shown two beasts lets show the last one, For some reason I don't know how i'd feel, well actually here is how I'll feel.... if Ash wins i'll be like Hmm having legendary wasn't bad, if he loses i'll be ******, however we don't know what will happen... maybe it'll be a new region's legendary? now wouldnt that be craazyy
    For somebody that has been here 2 months, you are a pretty good member.
    If he comes back, we will see through his useless and annoying posts, and then make him banned again.

    But seriously. He has been here a year now, he got no friends around here, he has over 5 000 posts and they are most one liners, repeating the same thing.
    He won't act differently.
    He has been banned once, and he still posts like nothing happened.
    And he ignores everyones post.

    And the only ones who might like him, are newbies, who think those with big postcounts are the most reasonable members. Other then that, nobody.
    You gotta search hard to find somebody who likes him.
    Everything he does, is spamming this forum, and increasing his postcount.
    But then again, do you like him? 8D
    You might find it a bit weird but I don't actually hate Dawn. I used this user name on some purpose. As you can see I am good at reasoning so there is something hidden in that name that I can't tell just now. For now you can see it as a publicity stunt. People quote my post due to my user name.
    Survival of the fittest my friend. Human life is more important. We can think coherant thoughts.
    But without certain animals (ex: bees), the human race cannot survive for long.
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