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  • Hi Strytho!!

    I'm having a soft time at work, and I have a week of relax if you want to trade anything. Just saying.

    Have a nice week.

    I also don't worry if I end with tons of pkmn in rareballs without their HA, but that could help me to breed faster and you would have more chanches to get new stuff , so let's go with it if you went stuck.

    See you soon.
    No problem. I also avoid to trade pkmns when I have visits. Enjoy your family while you can =)

    I'm going to start a hard time at work this days, I teach physics and the next 2 weeks are the last of the period (last lectures, homeworks, exams, etc). It's time for me to hear people's complains XD

    Thanks for the trade!! I'm missing less than 100 aprimons now. So if you need more of my pkmn, I could accept BeastBall HA to put more HA on my list ^ _ ^

    Have a nice week and good luck in your work =)
    In the worst case, we can always pick a later date XD

    But yes, I'm available now. I'll connect from the Festi Plaza to trade now if you are still available =)
    Before your 5PM on monday . . . that would be difficult.

    I'll try to be online at some point between your 15:00 and 17:00 GMT-6 (between my 17:00 and 19:00, GMT-4).

    If I have any problems at work, I'll write you.

    Have a nice sunday.
    Hi Strytho!!

    I'm almost ready with your pkmn, the last 2 are in the pokepelago waiting to hatch.
    Let me know when you are ready and when you will be able to trade.

    Have a nice day.
    Ya know what, FairyWitch has one so I'll probably get it from her. Thanks, if you would like a Friend Scyther I wouldn't mind making another deal.
    Jajajaja great friend ^_^

    then, I'm going to update my wanted list (27 pkmn):

    Surskit Friend, Love, Moon & Level
    Lillipup Love, Lure, Moon, Heavy & Fast
    Oricorio Friend, Lure & Fast
    Mudbray Lure
    Dewpider Love, Level & Fast
    Fomantis Lure, Moon, Level & Fast
    Morelull Lure, Heavy & Fast
    Comfey Friend & Moon
    Minior-Violet Heavy
    Bruxis Level

    (HA not needed)

    Let me know what do you want in return. And have a great Week =D
    That's okay, I'm trying for the mirage myself - figured I'd ask you since you have alot of rarer stuff.
    Hey, I need a HA female Drillbur/Excadrill in a Premier ball. Gen 6 only. Offer: HA Friend ball Scyther in 7th Gen.
    Hi Strytho:

    I have to said, it was really productive for you ^_^
    I want to ask you for (20 pkmn):
    Surskit Friend, Love, Level & Moon (when you get it)
    Lillipup Love, Lure, Moon, Heavy & Fast (when you get them)
    Oricorio Friend, Lure & Fast
    Mudbray Lure
    Dewpider Love, Level & Fast
    Comfey Friend & Moon
    Minior-Violet Heavy
    Bruxis Level

    I also listed some pkmn you have marked as pending (you can ask me for them when you get them, or with the others).

    Let me know what do you want in return. I'll be able to start breeding tonight . . . I think XD
    OK. I'll mark that 4 pkmn to trade with you =D

    write me around monday to start breeding ^_^

    Have a nice week.
    Yes, I'm around =D

    I finished a 2 weeks marathon on work, and this one is for enjoy (. . . in my free time XD).

    I got a trade for this week, the thursday I'll be running a giveaway in my origin forum to celebrate my 4 years there =D, and the weekend I'll have visits . . . but we can always trade at some point of next week =D

    Let me see your spreadsheet. . . It seems you get a Friend & Moon Comfey, Heavy Violet-Minior and Level Bruxis =D That is a small group for our normal trades XD I may be able to breed 4 pkmn for this thursday night. . . or even for this wednesday. . .
    Now, if you want to ask for more pkmn and can wait until next week, you can give me Golden & Silver Caps for the others ^_^

    I'll wait for your request. Have a nice week.

    Also. . . nice Pokemon Direct =D I wasn't waiting for a new 7th gen game so soon XD And Gold & Silver . . . nice to hear we are going to be able to connect the most broken pokemon game ever to the Pokemon Bank XD
    Here too. I think I was able to get . . . a dozen?? . . .

    I'll be offering breeding time this weekend, and see how lucky I get.

    Have a nice week.
    Hi Strytho:

    I'm starting to figured out what to do this weekend =D . . . So I pick a look at your file, and marked that pkmn as pending in my own list (with an "S"). If I count correctly, I want 33 aprimons ^_^

    Send me a list of what do you want, to start this weekend.

    Have a nice week.
    Hi Strytho:

    I'll be very busy this week, and will have visits the next weekend. I may need 2 weeks to fulfill the trade, but you can send me a list to start over here.

    Have a great week.
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