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  • THanks man ! I really appreciate it :) once the HA Snivy comes out I will breed lots of them, I'll be sure send a female one your way as well !

    Got someone who is going to get it for me ;d
    Yep, I'm ready over here, once we trade the items to each other, you can switch to your game first and I'll take my bath afterwards
    Sorry if I'm spamming you with notifications, but the three are done, Luxury Ball HA Gastrodon, Dugtrio, and Timburr
    That Timburr took too long to get lol, DexNav for Timburr is level 46, 30 Max Repels and 5 hours later
    Scratch that, I forgot that Timburr's HA is Iron Fist, not Sheer Force... guess I'm going back to hunting these
    Hm I'd think you would want 3 of your want list for it right?
    I can get you Luxury Ball HA Dugtrio, Abra, and Gastrodon-Pink, would those work?
    I'm not sure about Abra actually, if not I'll just suck it up and go DexNav hunting lol
    I finally got the Timburr, now I'll just go and catch Dugtrio/Gastro-Pink for you
    Okay, now after more sleep I'm feeling a lot better. I should be able to do some trading either tonight or tomorrow.
    Hey everyone, I'm sure some of you are wondering where I've been, long story short two nights ago (friday night) I caught a really bad stomach flu and have been mostly in bed since. I'm about to head back to bed for the upteenth time. I'll let you know when I'm back and able to trade again. Sorry about this guys.
    i noticed you lost internet no worries i got all you what you wanted still so whenever we catch eachother online that be cool i am ready whenever you are. Ill be on tommorow its my day off from work :3
    Hey everyone, I lost internet completelly yesterday evening and just got it back up. For those of you with pending trades with me, this means I'm a little behinds because I couldn't access bank or a few other things so please be patient, thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.
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