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Recent content by stu770

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    school survey

    Age:16 Gender:Male Country:England Favorite part of the pokemon franchise:The Tv show definately How you were introduced to pokemon:Flipped on to sky 1 one morning and it was on, thought the characters looked cool and carried on from there. Years you have been with pokemon:10, nearly 11 now
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    What was the first Pokémon you ever captured?

    The first pokemon that I caught was a mankey at like level 6 or 7 Great pokemon and I kept him for the whole game, They grow up so fast lol one minute he was my little mankey then turned into a primeape lol
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    Should they change the starter types for the next game?

    Personally I think that the way the starters are know is perfect and its like the old saying goes, if it aint broke dont fix it. So we should just keep the starters as they are, but if your really desperate for other types then why not have like a fire/psychic, water/dark and grass/fighting? or...
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    How far do you go when training a team (IVs EVs Natures)

    to be honest I have never ev trained a Pokemon because I dont entirely understand the whole concept of it. If I knew more about it and understanded better then maybe I would ev train, but who knows in the end lol
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    Favourite Pokemon movie?

    My favourite Pokemon movie has to be the 10th movie, just something about that movie stands out to me. Maybe the fact that everybody thinks that Darkrai is the evil one where in fact he is the good guy trying to save everyone else.
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    do you think brock should be replaced?

    NO NO NO NO NO!!! Brock should never be replaced, its like replacing ash, he is one of the first main characters of Pokemon and is waht makes the show great. Brock has always been there and for the short time in the orange islands where he was not there, the episodes were not as good. I mean...
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    Pokemon Battle Dimension UK Date - Moved to Jetix

    Im watching it right now in Jetix plus 1 and I just wanna know what did they do to the start up theme, its horrible. But on a lighter note the episodes so far have been pretty good.
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    Regarding Pikachu getting weaker with every episode.

    Well I dont know if this is going to be a good idea but what the hey lol I have been thinking that maybe the reason that Pikachu cant take out other Pokemon aswell when they swap regions is because of the different Pokemon and the different Tactics and training methods of the trainers. Its...
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    Has there even been a Digimon game that has been released on the PSP yet? And I have only rarelt sen the Digimon world 4 game on any other console other then the Playstation 2 because it is more popular on the Playstation due to the release of the first games on the Playstation only.
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    digimon world 4 was released in England. I have the game, check www.amazon.co.uk and search for it. You will find it on there to buy it.
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    Favorite pokemon Movie

    Pokemon Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. The ending of this movie when Prince Aaron and Lucario are having a heart to heart talk gets me everytime, this movie has to be my absolute favourite one of all.
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    What happens to wild pokemon after you make them faint?

    They get thier strength back and get all of thier other Pokemon friends to beat you up for hurting them. Just like the Spearow that evolved to a Fearow.
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    yeah, at least they ddint forget us there. But unfortunately we may not even get Digimon World 5 if it is released due to the lack of interest in Europe :/
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    Yes but if you go to www.gamefaqs.com it has a section for a new Digimon game on the wii, however there is no information which suggests that there will be a game that is going to be released on the wii some time in the future.
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    Digimon world 4 was a complete let down, I expected a game that would be similar to either Digimon world 1 or Digmon world 3. But after seeing what 4 was like, I would have to take a look at some videos and pictures to make sure that 5 would not be the same.