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  • oh **** that was someone else who did that whoops :p I can't remember it off the top of my head though. If I recall you beat me right? Sadly I don't remember it, do you happen to have it recorded? If i could go over it I could give you advice/critiques
    I couldn't tell you from other than the team preview. Sadly my partnet forfeited before I could get rolling with azumarill :/ but in general though I think you'd want to set the rules so all pokes are scaled to 50. Then its easier to judge on what you need to improve on and makes the game a little more fair :p
    I'm tempted to just buy it online, but shipping is expensive. But I don't like asking someone to take me to a store. But I also don't know how to buy armature wire online cause the thickness varies.....And I'm impatient. Buying a videogame is different. You know what you are paying for, unless you buy the bonus version that comes with the flag and a figurine type stuff. XD
    Thank you ^^. I think I'll do just fine....Though I'm getting a little irritated cause the store is pretty far, and I wanna make it noooooow 0-o

    Sure. I'll battle you one day. And I'll lose epicly XD
    YOu are added @-@

    Well I did a few culptures in my time. Like three I think. Nothing to be proud of. But I really wan t to make my original character (the white pink and green one) http://olive-619.deviantart.com/art/Valkeera-Contest-Entry-411142946
    I recently got in touch with a friend of mine that moved away a couple years ago. She is a great sculptor. She gave me some tips and instructions on how to start. So all I gotta do is get the stuff and give it a shot!
    Cool. I just got y. Been busy with art contests lately though. I wanna try sculpting really badly XD

    I battle occasionally and win .......7/10. So I'm decent XD

    Sure. My fc is in my sig.
    That would be nice man, but my DS's internet is really not working properly. I tried to use it once, and I had my save file harmed.
    When it fixes I'll battle you..
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