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  • I'm on pokebattlecenter but I don't see you I'm pure so if you get on again I'll be on the server for awhile so you can challenge whenever
    I noticed you're GMT so if you can get on this weekend then I can get on earlier to meet you for a battle.
    Your request is done and ready.

    Thanks for waiting, but yeah, I'm definitely not letting the shop fill up with so many requests like that again...
    K I gave u your rank in the thread :) you can take the user bar and use it too :) and the banner if you want as well :)
    Hi, I've just seen your vincini post in the trade forums, and was wonderin gif any are left. Also, if there are, what do you want? I have no shinies, but I can spread some pokerus.
    You know this post? Well, it's linked from the faq here, in the quote section. Congrats, you got a post linked to in the faqs!
    well I gotta get to sleep it's 4:20 am here.I have been up all night.We will try again later.ok.
    Her reflectioin died, but the real Melancholia was just put into a coma to stop her power from exploding everywhere.
    Really? I like him, especially his awesome power.

    YES. Scapegrace is great. Although he's just a head now :S
    She'll rebuild it somehow. She's really awesome and badass though.
    I want Saguine back as well. He's brilliant.
    I know, I heard that before. Poor Tanith, she's a great character. Well they're all great characters.
    I felt so sorry for China at the end of Death Bringer :[ She's such a cool character.

    I'm looking forward to that at least ^^
    I love so many characters :S Nye seems likely to save her though. it reminds me of how Ghastly was turned to ston for a book and a half, now that Tanith was missing from Death Bringer. However she gets healed it will be more than likely excruciatingly painful, since Derek Landy doesn't like her.

    I expected something to go down between Fletcher and Caelen, but I imagined one killing the other, or one dieing to save the other. I love Fletcher too though :D

    SO long to wait ;-;
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