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Last Activity:
Mar 19, 2018
Sep 19, 2010
Likes Received:
Tanning in Mossdeep (GMT+0)

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Well-Known Member, from Tanning in Mossdeep (GMT+0)

Sucker_Punch was last seen:
Mar 19, 2018
    1. Fortunato
      I'm on pokebattlecenter but I don't see you I'm pure so if you get on again I'll be on the server for awhile so you can challenge whenever
    2. Fortunato
      hey man I'm on right now if you wanna get that battle done.
    3. Fortunato
      I noticed you're GMT so if you can get on this weekend then I can get on earlier to meet you for a battle.
    4. Fortunato
    5. Fortunato
      yo bud we got a war battle to do so whenever you're up for it just hit me up.
    6. Avenger Angel
      Avenger Angel
      Your request is done and ready.

      Thanks for waiting, but yeah, I'm definitely not letting the shop fill up with so many requests like that again...
    7. PoKe_aRcHeR2010
      K I gave u your rank in the thread :) you can take the user bar and use it too :) and the banner if you want as well :)
    8. rangernumber-x
      Sorry, misread. shoot, it's so embarasing when this happens...please ignore my other comment.
    9. rangernumber-x
      Hi, I've just seen your vincini post in the trade forums, and was wonderin gif any are left. Also, if there are, what do you want? I have no shinies, but I can spread some pokerus.
    10. arceusvictini
      You know this post? Well, it's linked from the faq here, in the quote section. Congrats, you got a post linked to in the faqs!
    11. Astral Shadow
      Astral Shadow
      Can I get a battle against your ninja League gym?
    12. Ropav
      well I gotta get to sleep it's 4:20 am here.I have been up all night.We will try again later.ok.
    13. pokegirlforever
      Your order at Shaymin's Overworld shop is ready!
    14. ~Light
      Your request has been made! Come pick it up at Mew's Universe ! :)
    15. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      Her reflectioin died, but the real Melancholia was just put into a coma to stop her power from exploding everywhere.
    16. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      Nothing goes right for the poor guy. Thrasher/Gerald is hilarious too.
    17. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      Really? I like him, especially his awesome power.

      YES. Scapegrace is great. Although he's just a head now :S
    18. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      She'll rebuild it somehow. She's really awesome and badass though.
      I want Saguine back as well. He's brilliant.
    19. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      I know, I heard that before. Poor Tanith, she's a great character. Well they're all great characters.
      I felt so sorry for China at the end of Death Bringer :[ She's such a cool character.

      I'm looking forward to that at least ^^
    20. Grey Wind
      Grey Wind
      I love so many characters :S Nye seems likely to save her though. it reminds me of how Ghastly was turned to ston for a book and a half, now that Tanith was missing from Death Bringer. However she gets healed it will be more than likely excruciatingly painful, since Derek Landy doesn't like her.

      I expected something to go down between Fletcher and Caelen, but I imagined one killing the other, or one dieing to save the other. I love Fletcher too though :D

      SO long to wait ;-;
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    I'm back from the dead

    Pokémon, music, drawing, books, films


    been gone for like two years but I'm back and better than ever​