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  • We haven't met before but i saw you posted in a Golden Sun thread a few years ago (used the searching thingy on these forums), so i wanted to ask you a question about TLA. Do the four adepts that do NOT battle earn less experience points than the four adepts who are actually fighting?
    niedude, GoldenHouou, storymasterb, do you guys play Magic? You should post more in the Alt. Cards section.

    Too bad I just noticed this thread. It would've been fun to take part in this.
    You could probably still sign up if you wanted. We're on a short hiatus until I can get RL stuff going a bit more smoothly, and we've only just started so there's a chance to get your character(s) introduced later a bit.
    Gaping holes in vital organs don't kill people
    Loss of bodily function and brain activity kills people
    Hey, the new deck looks awesome. I'm thinking of posting my new Standard land Sweeper Deck.

    EDIT: MODERN Land Destruction.
    If you're interested in ravnica, Return To Ravnica will be the new block starting in October. A nice new twist on Ravnica methinks. I mainly stick to Mirrodin, Darksteel, and anything after Worldwake.
    You have some interesting Deck Ideas. I've just put up another comment about the decks I use, in reference to you mentioning. infect is my current stronghold, minus a Wolf Deck, containing 2 sideboarded Rot Wolves.
    Well, I am a zionist myself. I support Israel because I do believe they are the best ally that the United States has in the middle east.

    I also have religious reasons as well, considering Israel has a major role in biblical canon and prophecy.

    Pretty soon I'll be going into the United States military, hopefully to become a military linguist. So I might have to learn arabic or another middle eastern language if I go into that role.
    I'm curious, are you an Israeli yourself? Or just a zionist? I was asked the same question a few days ago after putting an Israeli flag in my signature in honor of May 14th, 1948.
    A lot of them feel entitled to what they consider their holy land. Many peoples in that region actually...


    I do find this very interesting, but I need a quick sleep before class.
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