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  • Well, at least you're writing. That's what counts. And, I understand not having inspiration for a work. Kinda what happened to me over the summer. I'm always here if you need to brainstorm ideas.
    Yep, so that's what I'm doing. I'm hoping that I can somehow balance my writing with the work. Going well so far. So, how has writing been with you?
    Well, actually, I try not to break from my writing at all, because I find that I get distracted way to easily. So, if I did take a real break, I'd be out for months. XD So, this way, I at least make progress ever so often.
    Oh yeah! You were! I nearly forgot myself. I was just dropping by to say hello again.

    Anyways, I certainly understand school being busy for you. It's been rather hectic for myself too.
    I tried to deviate from the standard "freakout, find partner, explore" formula myself. My character, Leo the Charmeleon, didn't panic initially, and it wasn't until Chapter Two where he was forced by the local police force to join with his partners. The next chapter, he finally has his first episode and freaks out a bit. So, I completely get where you're coming from.

    Thank you! I'd appreciate it a lot, if you were to do that, though reading it is enough for me.
    Heh, no. As a PMD author myself, I understand that a character goes through quite a lot during the initial few days and anyone who reads it will probably feel the same way. And, that's good. Now, you can spend the next chapter letting his real personality come through.

    And, I do have two stories going at the moment. One is a collab, but my first, ongoing story is here. The first few chapters after the prologue are rather weak, but I do get better over time. It's a PMD story, so it should be to your liking. :D
    Well, honestly, I think it's a natural reaction at first. Even though he's no stranger to turning into an animal, with no memory of it, he'd still be somewhat scared and confused. It would have been glorious for him to do that, but I think you showed a real reaction there. And, now that he's grown used to it somewhat, you can let his real personalty shine through.
    And, I do, actually. I feel the same way when I hear it from someone, so I do understand how important it is.
    Yeah, motivation is the ticket. I've been having trouble with it as well. And, from what I remember from the books, you had his character mostly right. I mean, you always had him do something that seemed like what he would do. But that's just me. Anyways, just know that I'm still here to cheer that story on. :D

    Heh, yeah. Not that fortunate. XD But, I'll try my best.
    Well, a break isn't a bad thing... And, I'm saddened to hear that, but I know that being distracted eats up a lot of time. I understand that perfectly. And, I'm not a MLP fan myself, but I do see how they can command attention.

    Six days. I'm trying to write as much as I can in that time so make up for wasting most of the summer. XD
    Well, the crossover is rather unorthodox, but there will always be some who will enjoy it. There usually are. And that's good. I've been spending a lot of time with family myself, though I've only been to the beach once this summer.

    My summer has been pretty good, all things considered. Managed to write a bit, got two new chapters written and rewrote my prologue for my first story, though I've been very lazy in that department this summer... Now I'm readying for another school year.
    Glad to hear. And, I am happy that you're getting out of it. I recently saw that you started a new story, and saw that it had been a long time since we talked. So, on that note, how has your summer been?
    TVTropes, oh you little devil. You've gotten another soul trapped within you.... Anyways, the Googledocs thing really does work. In fact, as of right now, I'm currently helping my friend with his story as he writes it, as well as writing my own. It's pretty neat. Anyways, I used to be/ still am a perfectionist, and that kept me from using the docs for a while. I eventually saw that there were more pros than cons to using it.

    Oh, same here. I was horrible at planning and pacing before I got into high school, so I guess I have it to thank for that. Procrastination used to rule my life.
    NaNo, this was the first year it applied to me, actually. I didn't get much done, but I got one chapter out, so I call it a success for me.

    Thank you. I'm trying to pull up my grades after a little slip-up on a test in Algebra 2. I just have to work a little more diligently.
    I'm sure there are others that still care about the story, but I think I'm one of the few to voice my opinion about it.
    Don't worry about my time, if you need help, I'll find some time to help you. This time of the year is busy, but I'm pretty good at getting my work done so I have time to work on my own projects and such.
    Hmm, I understand having a chapter just waiting in a Word doc. The internet is a helpful, yet extremely distracting place.
    I was having a problem like this up until a few days ago. I transferred my chapter to Googledocs and gave the link to some of my friends and my beta reader. It honestly got me writing more than I had done in a while. Just having other's input on something as you write it is really helpful. At least, it is for me.

    I'm only in high school at the moment, and I can only imagine the amount of work you have to do at your university. So, I would understand completely if that was the case for stopping. But, I've always tried to put down a scene or so every day, even if I have to force myself to. Just to keep me on track.

    Really? That's great, I hope that (and finals) goes well for you. i plan on writing a good bit over the break as well.
    Thank you, I wasn't expecting a promise like that. So, again, I wish you good luck with that. And I'm always willing to help if the need arises for anything.
    Hello, I'm an author on this forum as well. I recall reading your story, River Styx last year. I was honestly wondering what happened to it, because I remember eagerly awaiting the next installment, but it never came.
    So, if you don't mind me asking, why did you stop updating it?

    I do apologize if this is annoying or sounds like I am complaining. I understand that life gets in the way of certain projects. I just wanted to know why such a good story ceased to exist.

    Thank you for reading this.
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