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  • You fangirl over my art? o.0 It's not that good.
    But i see what you mean about the h.w. Gets me everytime when i leave it to the day before its due in :/
    You're on my winner's podium :p
    I talk to you and MB the most on here so you are sig-worthy lol.
    btw, are you always this hyper?
    No problem.
    But now that you mention it, calling the smallest fish Wailord may have been a better idea because you make it sound that much funnier :p
    I enjoyed doing that one. I count seaserpents in the dragon category and that's what i specialise in :p

    And Wailord is a proper sumo sized goldfish. 0.o
    That will do nicely :)
    I can do that in a couple of hours time, after i do a spot of fishing in my next door neighbours pond. (So i can put some fsh in our pond)
    But i've already taken about 6 months! Please do not tell me to take my time; it is not helping. I have nearly finished drawing them and will post them tomorrow so ha. :p
    I really have gone mad...
    now, my late and in the wrong place mini review

    ‘all five thousand, four hundred and eighty-three of them’ …lol
    ‘mistakenly killed his pet rock.’ I wonder how that happened?
    'there are no sound molecules in the vaccuum to vibrate’ sound is a longitudinal wave, not a molecule. It causes other molecules to vibrate and transfer energy, and seeing as there is no air in a vacuum, that can’t happen. Technical is me :p
    Fireocean shipping 4eva hehe
    No Dewgong, it is MY beachball

    Phew, I don’t use the drive thrus anyway…

    Oh noez! What’s happened to Paris!?
    Hello. Long time no ... talk?
    I've been going on and off the forums a lot lately so it wasn't till a few days ago that i saw your pm for the next chapter. I am off to read it now, but i think i read somewhere that you can't post a reply if the last post was over 2 weeks old so i'm telling you here instead.
    And btw, i AM going to do your pictures. I AM going to find those discriptions in your fic and do your fakemon TODAY. Glad i got that out :D
    /End long VM
    lol, awesome! But you have to scream on roller-coaster rides, you just gotta!

    And, lol, cute! How old is this sister?
    Woo, awesome! At least you got your fill of screaming, right?

    Did you get to see any awesome mascots & stuff?
    Hmm, 8 people at Disneyland, together as a group... that's not a great idea, especially if 6 of them are under 18 =\ Did you manage to have a bit of fun, at least?
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