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  • Hey, SR! Got your VM. (although it's been a while since you sent it I see) But of course I am! ...Who isn't? =P Although, with all that I've gone through since DP's release, it might very well be the last Pokemon game I'll ever buy. Ah who am I kidding? I'll probably buy the next gen as well. lol

    What about you? How was your Christmas?
    What? That's the way it was.

    Finished. The third book was better than both the others. Though technically I'm reading it as a series. Twilight got +20 points, New Moon -15, and Eclipse +30... So far series has +35 points, keeping it within readable range.
    Pretty nearly, taking my time with it. I'm right where she tries to rape edward, then he proposes.

    And I must sleep now.
    I just meant that, should someone be interested, they should either skip straight to the third book, or not at all. Three books is a little long to wait for Bella to get a backbone. Even longer for her to not be weakdoormatgirl.
    It is part of the plan. BTW, I is nauseated... :( WOrk said I can come in late, and I'm thining of going back to sleep.

    I tend to be named first in list. ANd I was tempted to deny friend request for funny. But decided to be nice.
    Hey dude, just dropped by to say that your signature is too big, that huge banner you have is infringing way too many rules.
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