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  • I thought it was the MP other M game (or whatever it's called) at first, but I wasn't disappointed.

    He's done it to about 7 people when I looked at his Visitor messages, which is a bit sad.

    I've been annoyed with MK wii and Brawl recently because I've tried to get the wi fi to work on it, but it fails. However the Wi Fi works on my DS, which is the annoying part.

    I am not sure about spirit tracks because apparently it's supposed to be simillar to Phantom Hourglass, and I thought that was a disappointment.

    I don't understand the hype of the motionplus.

    I can't be bothered deleting them.
    Hah, yeah... a year or something maybe? Anyway, how have you been recently then?

    I never liked Animal Crossing, and traded it in twice within a month... It just gets tedious imo.

    I haven't played Brawl or MK wii for ages.. but I got that Metroid Trilogy thing which is ok, and that goo wiiware game is really fun but challenging.
    Well were trying to hold a tournament like this every month but the shiny Darkrai is only this tournament. There will be other prizes to win
    Welcome to the ghost type lovers group Suikami. I hope you like the group ^^. By the way were holding a D/P/P tournament with a legit shiny Darkrai as first prize. You can post your FC and read the rules in the tournament thread of the group.
    Hi, I'm the owner of Pokemon U.K. and Purple Mew has kindly added the monthly update onto the Pokemon UK group, please comment and discuss!
    I've just been here mainly. TAG is no fun without you. =P
    What was the "Guess The Date" thing again?
    I'm guessing your brawl is all scratched up or something.
    Then why whenever I have a banner that size sig mods always delete it and put stupid warnings in my sig instead? =(
    You know the banner tag thing makes the banner a size so the sig patrol won't have a go at you. It worked for mine.
    Alright. Although those were somewhat laggy matches. I adjusted towards the end, though. Just one piece of advice; you used dair a little too often, and had we been playing at normal speed, it would have been easy to avoid and punish right from the start.
    Primarily schoolwork. My health's been horrible lately, and I'm getting behind in school on top of that. I've just been working on trying to catch up.

    Apart from that, trying to get the most out of my free time by Brawling friends that happen to be online on AIM or MSN, trying to beat the True Arena and Helper to Hero (with all characters) in Kirby Super Star Ultra and reading if I happen to find a book good enough to devour in two days (i.e. the most recent Artemis Fowl).
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