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  • Sorry about that! I'm pretty hyper today. Believe or not, I spent a whole day with one of my friends and we were just giggling over this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX2DUcosl7s so my Dento fabulous fangirling is on hard drive ^^;

    While it IS true that it doesn't go by the games, I like how they sort of made the character their own ;D
    It's not an issue; I think I reacted a bit harshly as well. I can understand where you were coming from though. No harm done, thanks for letting me know. ^_^
    Sounds like you put a lot of work in your stories. =) I try to make background details for everyone, but I usually derail like crazy. x_X My plot bunnies or character quirk bunnies or whatever always hop into my brain halfway through a chapter, haha.
    True, true. =P

    May should be interesting. I assume she will be tweaked a bit since she seems to be a coordinator in your story. She didn't want to be a trainer in the anime, right?

    How many chapters have you written if you have written any?
    Haha, of course not. XP The parallel to Ruby from Special is an awesome idea. It seems to make more sense now that you explained it better, though I wonder why he provides starter pokemon to new trainers if he dislikes battles. Or is he not going to do that in your story?

    It should be interesting to see how you introduce them. Are you drawing parallels to the anime as well? And is May going to be a coordinator in this one?
    with Brendan running away from a disapproving Prof. Birch to do it
    Haha, actually one of my plot points in the sequel to one of my stories is Brendan running because Professor Birch disapproves of something he did prior. XP I am curious about why Professor Birch would disapprove since he seems the most outgoing/outdoorsy of all the professors, and it would seem like having his son (I think you're having Brendan as his son for your story?) on his own adventure would be something he approved of.

    So is Ash and co. mean Brock is still there along with Misty?

    Sounds like you planned a whole bunch, though. I'm glad you're going to incorporate Hoenn culture into it since it's such an unique region.
    Yeah. I didn't really participate in the last Hoennshipping thread; I only dropped in here and there.

    Well, until you can think of a specific idea, what's your current HS project about? =P
    Hello, CC. I'm sorry that the shipping threads are gone. You should start them back up again. I'm sure that there are a lot of people here who would like to see them. Personally, I've always wanted to see Ash &Misty together, as well as Jessie & James. Also, I want Brock to get a girlfriend, instead of getting injured everytime he hits on a girl. You still have a home here.
    Yes, I remember you. =P I don't think we talked a lot when the Hoennshipping thread was around, but I remember seeing you.

    Sure, we can talk ideas. =P I haven't really written anything Hoennshippy lately (been focusing on Sinnoh stuff lately, along with Lucas x Dawn), but I'm still a huge fan of it.
    Hello. Yeah, we don't know each other. I'm new to Serebii, and I'm trying to make some friends. My name is Daniel. How are you doing?
    That's okay, I been gone again (but this time it was for dialysis, just got back from hosp late Sat. So tired I even slept thru Grammys, probly a good thing as neither Lady Antebellum deserved their big award, country sure but beating Eminem... no, just no or Gaga, Fame Monster is cool but it's rly "Bad Romance + all her earlier hits" not enough new material to earn to be a best "album" IYAM)
    Be glad to talk again, probly Sat or Sun, save my weekdays for college & work. ^__^
    I been offline until just now rly. The past months were busy, mix of good & bad seems to be heading more towards good now. :)
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