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    Oh the frag-and-brag onliners, they're not nice! lol I did meet a few of those in the past. Most gamers are v. cool tho at if they say this is a rule for multi they'll follow but it is easier if you're all together in a room.
    I love all the games in the COD series (Mobilized is one of the crispest DS shooters for hit detection). My brother and I were playing Warefare when I visited for XMas break, love it when the Lockheed comes in for aireal support. Now my console activity is most often a Wii game unless a friend brings in a PS3 then it's their choice. At our last gamer club it was Bioshock 2, we did Splicer and ADAM grab modes.
    the home signal is being difficult today but I do use MSN sometime, mostly from my phone as a quick hello.
    I don't mind what I get in a trade as long as it's not hacked so badly that it damages a game lol. For eggs it's pretty much whatev ppl will give. When I trade shinys or legends and the ocassional event I ask for something of similar value. I gave out 10 Riolus on V-Day got Eevee, Shroomish, Tototodile, Electrike, Nospass, Smoochum, Misdreavus, Vulpix, Bagon & Ralts in return. About half of them knew a TM or Egg move.
    I don't get to play online games often now b/c my comp doesn't have the memory to run a game like that, it's a small notebook mostly to go online and do schoolwork on the USB drive. Sometimes I can borrow a PSP from a gamer friend and play on a day off. The first time they ever saw me they were shocked that I can rock out a FPS b/c mostly I play "girly games" (Pokemon, Zelda, Rayman, Sonic) w/ candy color graphics and no violence/blood. But I'm good at shooters and protect my squad well, I don't just blast non-stop so v. seldom end up w/ friendly fire kills.
    I do worry that BF III will never get out of development and that's such a shame when good games don't release. Like the first Mario RPG (Seven Stars) will never see a port as their arguments to how has the rights to the Geno chara and the original Square team broke up and scattered. Or all the Rare games we were promised when they were a hot property, Killer Instinct II I wanted forever and it won't come. *sigh* It's nice that I got friends to talk w/ on all topics. Some for games, some talk movies, or fashion, or music so living in an apt away from fam isn't lonely. :)
    Right on! It's pretty hard to find someone who doesn't like Star Wars if they give it a chance, b/c the universe is v. layered and ranges from breezy but fun Lego to the Rogue Squadron flight sims, exploration and battling of Force Unleashed, KOTOR's role-playing, they've probly done every genre but mini-game collection (dang, now I want Galactic Party Wii to be real)
    Battlefront II is still my all-time fave. Not only was it a good-looking shooter but you were playing it from a flipped perspective on who was the enemy. Come to think of it, all the games where a Sith or Imperial chara was playable gave them cooler moves and tighter controls than the Jedi/ Rebel Alliance counterparts. Whatev happened to letting the Wookiee win?
    As for pokemon trading, I usually have my DS w/ me on Sat & Sun so can log on then and show you how it's done.
    I've been meaning to ask 2 things: would you like one of the Riolu eggs I am giving away and 2. is the Commander Cody name a Star Wars ref? My kid brother is a big KOTOR fan. Actually any thing w/ robots and explosions he enjoys. lol
    hee, no it's a Fronteir Brain. I usually play as the males b/c when you seek trades, ppl seem more willing to make a deal w/ a boy. I'm going to choose the girl and use my proper name in Johto. So in March my sig will include that and I bet I suprise a few serebii members!
    Wallace was one of the best trainers tho. Poor Steven he got so little to do in the anime, and Wallace is known to everybody. Maybe Lucas even wore a beret b/c he saw Wallace do it and felt it looked sharp!
    I've only got Sapphire version now. I was going to buy Emerald but instead got FR since I wanted Kanto pokemon. Emerald seems fun, it's the only version so far w/ a top trainer who shares my first name! Anyway I am up to Fortree City in Saph so I still need some badges before I send a Rayquaza to Diamond. I want to complete the Dex quick since HGSS is coming and I won't spend so much time in Diamond when I have that.
    Absolutely. I like the male player charas quite a bit, and think the design only improved in the later gens. Ash has many fans and I do enjoy the anime but he's a little bland looking. Atleast the Snowpoint episodes got to spice it up by giving him the Lucas jacket.
    Do you still play the 3rd gen games? I'm trying to go all the way thru Saph and get Rayquaza but the graphics look so pitiful after Diamond I keep switching back!!
    I added you fool. I just drabbled in HSGD. Umm I need to review some stuff I am beginning to like Questshipping simply because I found Crystal and I just got Typhlosion :D He's a beast and will uck up anyone so if we star in our on fics I got dibs on 'em. But get on MSN so we can get BIOS in order, a general story line etc.
    the same thing I've had on my mind for awhile, throwing us in the mix. With SS and HG coming out I sought for my crystal version, replaced the battery and began johto anew. also watched legend of thunder (lol typhlosion's face) but seriously, if you've got aim or msn you need to add me now. I think Ima write a little rough draft while i wait for your reply.
    ^-^V There you go!

    Well it was a long time ago. ^^ Do you sometimes miss being on stage?

    Anytime, mon ami. I remember my final year of high school being one the loneliest year of study I've ever experienced. We're all growing up and going our separate ways. It's only natural some us would drift apart. But take what you will, and I'm sure it'll make you a stronger person. c:

    Understood. And no, you're not being paranoid. If we delved any deeper on the subject, PM would be the best route since it is a private matter. Don't worry, there's no need to rush. When you feel ready to tell me, I'll be here to listen.

    It's so hot... D:
    No worries. Just a little more to go, and it will all over and done with. c:

    Weren't you a stage manager for one of them? That sounds like a pretty big role to me. >D

    Hey, remember what I said back in the thread? I'm here to support you, not to destroy you. It doesn't have to be me, but as long as you have someone you can confide in, I think you'll be ok. Don't go bottling it all up, you hear? Be strong, CC. Don't let your heart waver, and don't ever think any less of your self. You're a good person, so trust that what you're doing is right.
    I hate how we have to practically drop everything just for the sake of passing these exams, but that's how it is. ;n; You've just got one month left to go, right? It'll be all over soon enough, so don't give up! Do your best and I'm sure everything will just fall into place from there.

    No worries, I understand. c:
    I'm glad to hear the play went over great. Sounds like you had quite a bit of fun. :3

    Don't worry, I won't pry. Whatever happens, I hope the issue will resolve with the best outcome for your sake. Hang in there, CC.
    Hey, there, CC! Fancy meeting you here. :3

    It's been a little hectic lately on my side with exams and concerts coming up. But somehow, I think I'll manage. ^^;

    How about you? Life treating you well? Sorry I haven't been keeping in touch. Last I heard you were getting into theater with some very interesting plays. :D
    HEYHEY. I haven't been in contact with a lot of people to be honest. I've been out of the loop for a while too. I didn't recognize you since you changed your name on here. O:

    How have you been?
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