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  • I was not saying that, i was pointing outt hat once alakazams sub is gone it can't come in anymore. I mean most poekmon are jsut forced out by counters and can come back in later. But Alakazam is that frail that it can't come in again except when something has died, and it hasn't got a chance of setting up again. As no idiot would switch out from a sub wielding alakazam.

    I wasn't arguing that Clefable outclasses miltank, i was making a comparison that miltank has a **** load of competetion when it comes to being a bulky normal type, and though Scrappy is a nice abillity it isn't all that awesome. Especially in comparison to magic guard.
    Not to mention Normal typing is crap defensively, so miltank will have a hard time fitting onto anyones team.
    Electivire is rather awful, it should be BL as it is simply not good enough for OU but too good for UU.
    I mean in OU the physical set is walled by the most common physical walls. and the mix set lacks all round power. It can't revenge kill because of it's crappy speed either. Which gives it one (potentially, but not very) decent option: Scarf. So it can outspeed and revenge kill. And if a pokemon only has one option to be decent in OU it shouldn't be OU. as it wil be easily predicted. Besides, E-vire sits at 95 Case speed, which just isn't enough in OU, even with a scarf. It can't revenge kill most of the top sweepers as they will all outspeed and KO it, since most of them are scarfed or have a DD etc. behind them. Basically, it sucks.
    Shaymin shouldn't be UU. Specs Seed Flare ftw? Seed Flare is it's main asset and is just too strong in UU, especially when it has Earth Power, Air Slash and a hidden power of it's choice to back it up. It gets pretty much perfect coverage in UU. Even Chansey is threatened to be 2-3HKO'd if seed flare gets the SpD drop, which it probably will.
    just because i didn't want to spam the club:
    Yes, but then it's sub gets broken by one of it's many counters (oh hi blissey, how's it going?) and it can't switch in again. Even attacks it resists do a crap load of damage.

    yes Miltank has a better physical defense, but clefable has a better movepool and abillity. And yeah HP fighting might not OHKO, but it will 2HKO. And Miltank can't exactly OHKO things with Seismic toss. Body Slam probably wouldn't either, since the UU ghosts tend to be pretty bulky (Spiritomb, mismagius etc.).
    Electivire is crap, it should be BL. As it has no use in OU, yeah it can come in on Electric attacks, but so can jolteon. And jolteon's T-bolt is way more powerful than E-vire's can ever hope to be. It's only niche is a mix sweeper, but the mix sweeper doesn't hit too much for SE damage in OU anymore. Electivire has an even harder time because of how fast OU. 95 Base Sped with no way to boost it just doesn't cut it in OU.
    Wait what? No i am not SR'ing for dratini... uhh... did you read an ooold post? i did a while ago, but i got bored. atm im trying for a timid synchronizer so i can go SR for Darkrai... :D
    Hi sunkirby,i seen your a shiny hunter,so am i,and i heard you're sring for dratini,good luck,do you know its possible to get shiny dratini this way?
    lol yeah i actually got in trouble for bumping thread. did not realize it was a month old :O but i should be more careful of that. its my second time.
    Thank you for the compliment. =) Uh... actually, I was getting to finishing it, but I've been pretty lazy... -__- My updating schedule's gotten slower and slower. I think I'm in the middle of the next chapter that has to go up. Sorry about that. =( Actually, I didn't know it was even closed until you brought it up... No clue when I'll update again (although it's been two years already), but I'm not trying to stop it completely.
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