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sunny phoenix
Last Activity:
Mar 7, 2019
May 9, 2013
Likes Received:
In The Land Of Gods & Monsters
studying (film) journalism

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sunny phoenix

Well-Known Member, from In The Land Of Gods & Monsters

sunny phoenix was last seen:
Mar 7, 2019
    1. LizardonX
      Ok addded uyou thanks
    2. storm12
      hey :) I did indeed end up getting a copy of X on release day, but only because I saw it in Asda for a good price :P

      I haven't actually played it yet though, only jsut took it out the plastic wrap yesterday.

      Thanks so much :D when I get round to playing it I will certainly add you! Sorry I don't know my friend code off hand, but I will certainly give it too you when I know it :)

      Thanks again
    3. adamfitz
      Thank you
      I hope so too
      Are you enjoying it?
    4. adamfitz
      Awh your so lucky
      My order was delayed :/
      I'm so angry now

      I'll add you when I get my game
      Its going to be torture till then
    5. adamfitz
      I'm off, take care
      have a great kalos journey!
    6. adamfitz
      Oh we will be opposite haha
      We can do xerneas V yveltal too

      Anyway take care sunny :)
    7. adamfitz
      I'll be getting X
      Xerneas is my favorite legendary to date

      And great we will battle then ;)
    8. adamfitz
      You leaving?
      I'm sticking around until froagdier evolution :D

      Bye sunny!
      Yes I will see you when we are both champions
      And we should battle with our in game teams some time, no ev or IVs and that
    9. adamfitz
      Oh I forgot about poke bank
      Well when the time comes for a re run I'll make the decision haha
    10. adamfitz
      I'm gonna play my run through complete blind
      And come back when I'm done
      Like you said

      And yes I hope its something great tomorrow

      I usually only do one run through to be honest
      I get too attached to my pokemon haha, :D
      And then wait for the next game after that
      But I probably will do another one or two to be honest using different pokemon each time
      But it will be a very long time before I do my re run
    11. adamfitz
      Sunny we are strong enough!!!
      :D we will have to leave at some point right
    12. storm12
      But, then it could have Eviolite and be awesome :P

      My favorite pokemon is Scyther so unevolved pokemon can be cooler than all the evos!

      Quirky is good dude ;) I like quirk, I am very quirky too :P
    13. storm12
      It is the look of a fierce raptor wreathed in flame! I hope it is an Evo and not a split evo- Fire/Fairy ftw!
    14. storm12
      Lol! Twisted Fire starter! Haha :P Talonflame is cool, because it is a flaming bird that isn't necessarily a phoenix :) though Ho-Oh and Moltres are already 2 different kinds of 'phoenix' or phoenix like birds- I think they better suit legendaries :)

      Sorry dude! I got mixed up :P there is someone else who I was thinking of that is a girl. Sorry! :P
    15. storm12
      haha, fair enough :P though seriously, a Water/Steel fire fighter pokemon could be cool :) or Water/Fighting, or Water/Fire- yah- a pokemon that does, specifically go around putting out Fires :P
    16. storm12
      Yah, I probably won't do that again :P It just sucked all the fun out of it! By time I got to the E4 I was a bit bored of it tbh =S even though I finally had a chance to use my favorite pokemon Scyther- with a good nature and ev trained!

      Cool :D I love Ninetales! One of my favorite Fire types! I had a Ninetales shiny card from the original set and it was one of my most treasured things as a kid :D my cousin gave it to me and it was so pretty!

      I had a Kingdra in Ruby that my cousin traded me from Leafgreen :D
    17. storm12

      I get that too- I never nickname them either, they feel too I dunno, yeah- special. So I don't really use them either haha! The only time was in Platinum where I used Giratina- but because I just wasn't really 'into it' with Platinum, because I decided to EV train half my team which just killed the fun for me, so when I caught Giratina I was like: 'bleh, I'll use it :P' I didn't have anything else that exciting at the time either, so for the last Gym and E4 I used it :S

      I like both, but I am really drawn to Xerneas. I like: Scyther, Blaziken, Crobat, Leafeon, Roserade, Galvantula and from this gen I really like Sylveon and Noivern- though Fletchling, Clauncher and Skrelp too :)

      How about you?
    18. storm12
      Ah right! Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you haha! I think it is something that is being phazed out as politically incorrect I think, or I hope :P I don't like when erroneous things fall into tradition really. Yah, I just see Indian as being a redundant term in that sense really ;]

      I didn't really notice tbh, my grammar and syntax aren't the greatest either at times and English is my only language :P If you don't mind me asking what is your first language? I kind of envy multilingual people I have a limited grasp over my 'mother tongue' unfortunately :S

      I don't usually either, I don't play competitively or anything else really so, Legends feel a bit, boring tbh when they already come at like level 50 or whatever =S though I love these ones! They seem worth using!
    19. storm12
      No problem :) I didn't mean to like call you out on it or anything- just that I didn't know that Indian referring to Native Americans was still that prevalent :P apparently, I've heard that the term came about because of Columbus' mistaken voyage being headed to India, so when he got to America he though that was where he was! I'm not sure if that is quite right, I dunno, probably should have researched it ;] So I think it is quite a silly term really haha- for both Indians and Native Americans.

      I actually thought you were American though haha. It's okay :) no hard feelings- apart from mine about Xerneas and Yveltal's types GRRRR :P Why wont they tell us?!
    20. storm12
      Aw thanks :) Ah I am clueless with photoshop :P
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    studying (film) journalism
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