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Last Activity:
Oct 25, 2009
Apr 2, 2007
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Proud Importer of HG, from Dragon's Den, Johto.

sunny13 was last seen:
Oct 25, 2009
    1. Sailor Saturn
      Sailor Saturn
      Game Stop now has Explorers of Sky for Oct. 1 instead of Sept. 1 =(. I went on wifi to see if just maybe you could get Jirachi on an American game, but no. Didn't think it would work, but worth a shot. I hope they do a Jirachi and Arceus and Pichu event here.
    2. Displeased Owl
      Displeased Owl
      yo i'm intereseted in having a few nonEV battles, i sent you a request so i can battle you if i get the time
    3. casper420
      ah come on
      haha why not?
      it could be fun=D
    4. casper420
      llooooking for battlle
      name is jay and friend code is3008 0452 5850
      message me on my page and let me know plz wit ur info
      prefer singles 100 but will do doubles if ur heart desires
    5. sapphire_addict
      I'm realy sorry i stopped posting in the non-evoltuion club. my computer crashed and when i got back i couldn't find the club. i'm super sorry.
    6. sunny13
      nothing but i just felt like putting that
    7. #Gecko#
      So... what's so special about your page? Seeing how it gots that intro.
    8. sunny13
      Hey!! Welcome to my page! I would have a higher total posts count, but I post in clubs... so they don't count.
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    Dragon's Den, Johto.
    Favourite Pokémon:


    Started playing Pokemon on December 29th, 2003. I have watched the anime and collected the cards for as long as I can remember.

    HG Progress: 15 Badges!

    Put this in your signature if you think Ruby and Sapphire deserve remakes! (started by Flare 64!)